College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Professional training for elite student leaders to build their own personal image

The College has been providing professional training to students to equip them with the knowledge and skills required for studies and careers.

A Personal Image and Styling Workshop was held on 31 March to train CLASS elite students to build their own professional image. Ms Scarlett PONG, Shatin District member and a registered pharmacist, delivered the workshop.

Ms Pong gave the students several real-life examples of suitable dress code. For instance, taking the example of Kate Middleton, one should not wear skirts during outdoor activities, but dresses with eye-catching colours are appropriate for the host persons of events. The speaker also shared her experiences of social events and highlighted the importance of showing respect when meeting new friends.

Iris CHOW from the Department of Public Policy said it was a precious opportunity to learn to choose a suitable outfit to boost one’s self-confidence. She said, “As an elite student leader, self-branding and personal styling form an important part in building up a professional image. According to Ms Pong, personal image consists of a myriad of elements, including the way we dress, the colours we choose, and most importantly, the way we perform and interact with others.”

Iris found the workshop very practical for the students to present themselves in terms of both outward appearance and inner beauty, in order to prepare well for the future challenges.

Cover photo: The Assistant Dean of CLASS Prof Hon Chan (fifth from the right) greets Ms Scarlett Pong (sixth from the right) warmly before the workshop.