Talent and Education Development Office


The Talent and Education Development Office (TED) partners with faculty, students, and colleagues across the University to support excellence and innovation in teaching, learning, and Gateway Education. TED is dedicated to the general advancement of the culture of teaching and learning throughout all of the University through its programmes, services, and resources and specifically TED implements the The CityU Tiger Programme to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among exceptional students. TED supports the purposeful use of new media and emerging technologies for teaching, learning, and assessment in the classroom and online to foster the success of the University’s faculty and instructional staff and its students.


CityU Learning

Talent and Education Development Office (TED) supports the Office of the Provost in producing informational and training videos for faculty and instructional staff on aspects of CityU-Learning. TED also offers the Innovative CityU-Learning Series to faculty and instructional staff. The videos in the series feature awardees from the Innovative CityU-Learning Awards discussing their innovations. TED also produces informational videos for students on essential aspects of CityU-Learning.


CityU Tiger

We are advancing society by nurturing the talents of tomorrow and transforming our students into future leaders. CityU Tiger is a new addition to this drive. The programme targets newly admitted students who perform well academically as well as outstanding Year 1 students.


Faculty Development

Talent and Education Development Office (TED) has a pivotal role to play in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning culture at CityU.

TED continues to oversee the administration of the Teaching Development Grants to support new initiatives to develop effective pedagogy for enhancing student learning, as well as to provide a range of workshops and teaching & learning resources to facilitate the professional development of academic staff.

TED also provides staff development modules and seminars (See more on the left menu). Staff development is important for enhancing the preparedness of academic staff. Click to read the "Guidelines on Staff Development for Academic Staff (the Guidelines)" endorsed by the Quality Assurance Committee.


Learning Supports

Talent and Education Development Office (TED) provides different supports to enrich students’ learning experience. Using the professional gear and equipment of TED Labs, students can expand their innovative ideas to create a prototype, and transform the projects into entrepreneurship development. In addition, TED also provides various learning schemes and strategies to assist student development on the learning journey.


Gateway Education

City University is committed to providing students with a quality education that develops their intellectual abilities while providing them with the skills and knowledge base they will need to successfully navigate the complexities of the 21st century.

To lead a fulfilling and successful life against a backdrop of rapidly changing global needs requires a wide range of skills and knowledge. These include the ability to think critically, to reason logically and quantitatively and to communicate effectively. In addition, it is important that everyone has an understanding of sciences that increasingly shape our environment, an awareness of the cultural movements and diversity that have shaped societies and their values, and an appreciation of the enduring arts that express, inspire and continually challenge these values.

GE, in essence, augments and rounds out the specialised training students receive in their majors by enabling them to achieve a breadth of knowledge through exposure to multiple disciplines. GE is the glue that holds disciplines together.

GE is the core of an undergraduate education. It is “general” in that GE provides students with a comprehensive educational experience and prepares them for lifelong learning; it promotes intellectual curiosity and a love of learning.



The Grants Management Team of Talent and Education Development Office (TED) , led by the TED Director, provides administrative support for Teaching Development Grants and other Grants related activities.



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