Innovative CityU-Learning Series

The videos in the series feature awardees from the Innovative CityU-Learning Awards discussing their innovations.

2021/22 Awardees

Virtual Labs: Mixed First / Third-person Perspectives for Real-time and Interactive Video Streaming of Practicum and On-site Training for Biomedical Engineering
Dr CHEN Ting-Hsuan(BME)


AIoT Coding and Engineering Skills Education for Gifted Students
Dr CHEUNG Chak Chung Ray (EE)


Leveraging on the Demonstrated Spatial Interactions and Fast Feedback Utilized by the Ohyay Platform to Promote Group Problem Solving in Technical Demos and Interaction in Collaborative Storytelling in the Digital Classroom, Overcoming the Stifling of Creativity and Collaboration in Zoom-based Classes Shown in the Research Literature
Dr LC Ray (SCM)


Peer-Assisted Learning with Blockchain-Enabled Technology in Massive Open Online Classes (MOOC)
Dr LEUNG Chung Man Alvin (IS)


2020/21 Awardees

An iBIM-based Digital Pedestal Supporting Synchronous and Asynchronous e-learning

Featuring: Dr. Calvin KEUNG and Dr. Tan LI
Released: March 2021
Running Time: 7:00


The use of Industry-collaborated Learn-from-Home (LfH) approach with real business dataset and cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application to inspire student creation of innovative e-Business proposals during the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Lockdown

Featuring: Dr. Ron KWOK, Dr. Joseph KONG and Ms Tania LAU
Released: May 2021
Running Time: 5:11


Allowing students to put theories into practices to examine the physical world by “bringing” hands-on experiments and projects to their home

Featuring: Dr Denis YU
Released: October 2021
Running Time: 5:07


Fully online flipped classroom for abstract and experimental animation

Featuring: Dr Max HATTLER
Released: October 2021
Running Time: 4:37


VR in everyday language classroom: A practical approach to language learning in a digital environment

Featuring: Ms Tiffany PANG
Released: October 2021
Running Time: 4:29


2019/20 Awardees

Clinical case computer simulations for learning fish disease investigation

Featuring: Professor Sophie ST-HILARIE and Dr. Giana GOMES
Released: October 2020
Running Time: 5:18


Flipping an online classroom with an AI chatbot to teach better and smarter!

Featuring: Dr. TAN Chee Wai
Released: October 2020
Running Time: 7:29


Teaching product innovation and its hidden political dimensions through an active online board meeting

Featuring: Professor Muammer OZER
Released: October 2020
Running Time: 3:47


ZOOMing into a scientific discussion: learning to ask, not to answer

Featuring: Dr. LAM Yun Wah
Released: October 2020
Running Time: 7:58