GE Credit Transfer Guideline

GE Credit Transfer

Students may apply for credit transfer to fulfill GE Requirements in accordance with the University’s Academic Regulations.  To apply for GE credit transfer, student should:

  1. Locate an equivalent CityUHK GE course and apply credit transfer against the specific course;
  2. Where an equivalent CityUHK GE course cannot be established, credit transfer may apply towards GE Requirements.

Credit transfer application for GE course should submit to the Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO) following the established procedure. Students should provide supporting document on course level, syllabus, contact hours, and assessment.

GE Credit Transfer Pre-Approval for Outbound Exchange Students

Credit transfer pre-approval applications for outbound exchange studies should be made via the academic unit Exchange Coordinator prior to student depart for the exchange programme. Outbound exchange students are asked to file their application between the date of confirming their exchange studies and within one month into their exchange period unless other special arrangement has been made. 
For Exchange Coordinator:

  • For student applying credit transfer against specific GE course, please send the application directly to the respective course leader.
  • For student applying credit transfer towards GE Requirements, please have the student fill in the GE Course Credit Transfer Pre-Approval Application and send it to Secretary of GEPC (B5-119, YEUNG) with supporting document for approval.

Enquiry: or 3442 5746

Approval Criteria

The application for credit transfer towards GE Requirements will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The course to be transferred is considered as a GE course in the hosting institution or its alignment to CityUHK GE Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs) following the curricular mapping.
  • The post-secondary institution or professional association at which courses have been taken should be adequately accredited and gain broad acceptance for its awards and qualifications among institutions of higher education.
  • The level of work for the course taken should be comparable to the level of work of the equivalent CityUHK course, or to the level of work required to meet a programme requirement.
  • The assessment of courses for which credit transfer is granted should be sufficiently rigorous to enable a judgment to be made that the student has completed the course and has achieved the relevant academic standard.
  • The number of credit units transferred to CityUHK should be determined with regard to CityUHK’s practice of granting one credit unit for forty-to-fifty hours of student work.

Note: The Gateway Education Programme Committee (GEPC) will be the final authority to arbitrate cases of disagreement over credit transfer to GE courses/requirements.