CityU Tiger

We are advancing society by nurturing the talents of tomorrow and transforming our students into future leaders. CityU Tiger is a new addition to this drive. The programme targets newly admitted students who perform well academically as well as outstanding Year 1 students.

What’s on offer:

5 Programme options
4 Key features - interdisciplinary programme options, scholarships, enriched courses; and stimulating learning environment
3 Co-curricular programmes - experiential learning through internships, exchanges, and  competitions
2 Advisors - one on one mentorship on students’ studies and career
1 Goal: Excel yourself


Eligibility - Application by Invitation:

New Year 1 students:

  1. HKDSE score ≥ 30 in 4 core and 2 elective subjects; or
  2. GCEAL ≥ 2A*+1A or IB Diploma score ≥ 40 or other equivalent qualifications; or
  3. Fulfill the entrance scholarship requirements

Existing Year 1 students:

  • Top 10% Year 1 students in each College/School *

    *Please refer to the respective programme pages for details of programme-specific requirements.


What we offer

Programme Options

We aim to offer a tailored suite of programme options for students who aim high and who are willing to go the extra mile and make the best of their years at CityU. Secondary school graduates and current CityU first year undergraduate students who meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to enroll in the following programme options to enrich their learning experience.


Joint Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

  • The joint bachelor's degree programmes provide students an international undergraduate educational experience. Students will spend two years at CityU and two years at the partner university. On completion of the curriculum requirements, students will earn two bachelor's degrees - one from CityU, and the other one from the partner university, normally within four years.


4-year Enrichment Programmes

Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programmes

  • The University offers a series of undergraduate plus taught postgraduate degree programme options, where students can benefit from an advanced academic training in both the undergraduate and postgraduate learning as well as interdisciplinary learning.

  • The following are undergraduate plus taught postgraduate degree programmes leading to CityU awards that are offered.

  • The University also collaborates with the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in offering the following undergraduate and taught postgraduate degree programmes.

College of Business
College of Engineering
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
College of Science
School of Creative Media
Joint Universities Programmes


Double Degree Programmes


4-year Double Major Programmes

  • Taking double majors is a great way to expand students’ skill set, experience multiple fields of study, and gain exposure to different professions and industries.

  • Majors can be declared within Year 2 and Year 3. For timeline and procedure of enrolling in a second major, please visit here.



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