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City University of Hong Kong launched the CityU Tiger Programme to advance society by nurturing the talents of tomorrow and transforming students into future global leaders. The programme targets both newly-admitted undergraduate students with outstanding academic performance as well as high-achieving first-year students. With constant guidance and support from world-class faculty members, these talented students can enrich their knowledge, cultivate their talents in their respective fields of study, and prepare themselves for a promising future. The CityU Tiger Programme brings together high-flying students to pursue intellectual excellence and develop their potential through inspirational, interactive, and innovative learning.

In addition to the CityU Tiger Programme, CityU also offers the Talents Programme, which provides tailored options for ambitious students who are committed to pursuing excellence and willing to go the extra mile to maximize their learning experience at CityU. Students are encouraged to enroll in the programme options offered by the Talents Programme to enrich their university life.




CityU Tiger Activities

Tiger Networking Party – Let's Unwind & Celebrate!

 16 May 2024 (Thu)

CityU Tiger Featured Talk: Navigating the World of Statistics: Unveiling Truth and Fostering Critical Thinking

 18 Apr 2024 (Thu)

Discovering French Culture and Language

 15 Mar 2024 (Fri)
 ALC, B5-117 (YEUNG)

The Digital Empire: Why Should We Be Concerned?

 8 Mar 2024 (Fri)
 ALC, B5-117 (YEUNG)


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