Education Grant Database

Academic Year Department Principal Investigator Project Title Grant Type
2006/07APDr Ho Fai CHEUNGDevelopment of a computer based measurement system (6000138)TDG
2006/07CADr Patrick Wai Ching TANGA Virtual Construction Materials and Mechanics Laboratory (6000127)TDG
2011/12SSDr Jessica Chi Mei LIDesigning Out Crime (6000380)TDG
2005/06EEProf Hong YANVirtual English Teachers for Science and Engineering Students (6000103)TDG
2011/12CTLDr John Sie Yuen LEEEvidence-based Learning for Students of Linguistics and Language Technology (6000349)TDG
2005/06EEDr Robin Sarah BRADBEERApplying a Concept Inventory to assess students' conceptual learning on a first year degree programme in the Department of Electronic Engineering (6000110)TDG
2011/12SCMMr Julian Chi Chiu LEEDigital Canvas for Animated Photography and Video (6000369)TDG
2011/12EEDr Joshua En Yuan LEEStrengthening Rudimentary Fundamentals through Audio-visual Offline Tools (AV-doodle Suite) for e-Self Learning and Assessment (6000354)TDG
2011/12BSTDr Andy Kung Wing NGDevelopment of a discovery-enriched teaching and learning Site Reconnaissance App (SRAp) for exploring the latest applications of sustainable development in Hong Kong (6000391)TDG
2010/11OVPRTDr Kevin John DOWNINGCross-cultural Adaptation and Learning Outcomes of Non-local Students to a Hong Kong University: A Longitudinal Study (6000202)ERG
2013/14MBEProf Ching Chang CHIENG3-D Immersive Display for Enhancing Teaching on Principles of Fission Reactors (MBE3107- Principles of Fission Reactors) (6000500)TDG
2013/14SSDr Wai Man KWONGA pilot project to provide in-house practicum and research training to MSSC students: Interfacing research and practice for knowledge development in the context of practicum and research training in counsellor education (6000461)TDG
2013/14MGTDr Andy Siu On KWANDiscovering the World of Management: Insights from Senior Students, Alumni, Faculty Member, and Business Practitioners (6000457)TDG
2005/06ENDr Rodney Hale JONESThe Language Clinic: Peer Tutoring for On-going Language Learning (6000105)TDG
2011/12CAProf Sai On CHEUNGAn expedition to OBTL-based Research-Enriched Discovery E-Learning experience (6000372)TDG
2011/12SSDr Alice Ming Lin CHONGAnalyzing Ageing Societies: a Discovery and Cross-disciplinary Approach (6000356)TDG
2018/19SSDr Ping Kwong KAMDeveloping an interactive and web-based multi-media teaching package for group work practice skills training for social work students (6000682)TDG
2011/12CSDr Joseph Shi Piu FONGEnvironmental friendly real time quiz using mobile devices with auto marking (6000370)TDG
2013/14ACEDr Tommy Yiu LoDiscovery eMat for Construction and Structural Material (6000454)TDG
2012/13ACEDr Chee Wah LIMChallenge Based Learning (CBL) with DEC in Material Engineering (6000411)TDG
2013/14ACEDr Raymond Yiu Yin LEEEthics Web-hub for Engineering Students (6000453)TDG
2011/12CSDr Joe Chun Hung YUENm-learning: Interactive Classroom Response and Polling System with Mobile Phones (6000385)TDG
2013/14ACEDr Ivan Wing Hong FUNGOff-campus Experiential e-Learning for Students during Construction Site Visits: Development of Innovative Mobile App in Safety Audit for Civil and Construction Projects (6000455)TDG
2013/14SSDr Nancy Xiaonan YULOVE Project in GE2109 Love, Sex, and Relationships: Psychological perspectives (6000482)TSG
2011/12CSDr Duncan Shek WONGThe Development of an Automatic Judging System for Collegiate Programming Contests (6000353)TDG
2005/06EDGEDr Eva Chow Brenda Yee Wah WONGUniversity wide development and implementation of the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) (6000102)TDG
2012/13POLDr Willem Lubert WISSINKDocumentary Film Making for Discovery Enriched Tutorial Teaching (6000425)TSG
2013/14SSDr Esther Oi Wah CHOWEnhancing Practicum Teaching and Learning in Social Work and Counselling Education:A pilot project to elicit, archive, and disseminate practice-based learning among students and fieldwork supervisors (6000460)TDG
2005/06SSDr Wai Man KWONGCreating a 'Practice Library' to Support Practice Teaching in the Professional Preparation of Social Workers and School Counsellors - Phase II - Integration with teaching and learning (6000120)TDG
2012/13ENDr Christoph Alexander HAFNERPromoting co-operative learning beyond the classroom using
discovery-based projects (6000406)
2009/10ENDr Christoph Alexander HAFNEROral Presentations of Academic Projects: Developing Multiliteracies through English for Science (6000302)TDG
2011/12CADr Ivan Wing Hong FUNGStudent participation in Design and Development of Construction Safety Planning model for Educational-BIM* in Hong Kong Civil Engineering and Building Industry (6000373)TDG
2005/06CSProf Horace Ho Shing IPSmartCommunicator: Learning effective communication skills through an interactive virtual environment (6000101)TDG
2006/07CAMr Ricky Wing Ki CHANEnglish Learning Camps (6000108)TDG
2011/12CADr Tommy Yiu LOAutomation in Operation of Construction Heavu Plants and Machinery: WebCyclone Application in site Management (6000375)TDG
2005/06CSDr Chung Keung POONDevelopment of a Collaborative and Interactive Programming Learning Platform based on the PASS System (6000118)TDG
2006/07CSMr Mang Tang CHANEnhancing Teaching & Learning with Podcasting (6000123)TDG
2010/11ISProf Jian MAFacilitate Undergraduate Research with Research Social Network Services (6000201)ERG
2005/06CCIVProf Pei Kai CHENGChinese Civilisation Lectures: Teaching/self-learning resource pack series (6000116)TDG
2011/12BCHDr Hongyan SUNOnline Participation, Interactive Experimentation and Industrial Exploration (6000364)TDG
2005/06SSProf Sik Hung NGLearning through self-discipline and personal growth, facilitated by coaching (6000106)TDG
2009/10CTLProf Chunshen ZHUConstruction of an On-Line Platform for Computer-aided Teaching and Learning of Bilingual Writing and Translating in/between English and Chinese (6000304)TDG
2011/12CADr Jeff Jian Feng WANGStudent Engagement Programme for Geotechnical Engineering Construction and Design: Retaining Wall Design for Complex Scenarios (6000366)TDG
2009/10SCOPEMs Iris Wing Man CHEUK「廣普一對一」齊進計劃 (第三期) (6000305)TDG
2006/07SEEMDr Ralph Wai Lam IPEstablishing an interactive teaching environment to promote the Cross-Institutional Course Enrolment Scheme: A real-time communication platform assists implementing of dynamic learning pedagogical model (6000125)TDG
2007/08CADr Charles Chor Kwan CHENGLaboratory aim for computational building fire dynamic study (6000150)TDG
2020/21SSDr. Esther CHOWApplications of Interactive Pedagogical Learning Model in promoting Intergenerational Communication to enhance the Teaching and Learning of GE2226/SS4512/SS3293/SS4293 (6000768)TDG
2010/11ELCDr Hebe Mei Ha WONGEnglish Across the Electronic Engineering Curriculum (6000336)TDG
2015/16BSTMr. Gary Chak Wa CHANDiscovery-enriched spreadsheet-based resources repository (DSRR) for construction students (6000557)TDG
2011/12BSTDr Arthur Wing Tak LEUNGStudent-Teacher Driven Multiple-Choice System (STDMC),
an alternative objective assessment tool (6000384)
2013/14BSTDr Andy Kung Wing NGInter-active Mobile Platform for Animated Construction Work Sequence (IMPACWS) (6000497)TDG
2010/11BSTDr Andy Kung Wing NGThe Development of an Interactive e-Dictionary for Local Construction Practices (6000323)TDG
2020/21LTDr. Bin LITales of Two Cities Retold through Virtual Travels with Languages (6000737)TDG
2012/13BSTDr Carmen Chung Man TSUITeaching and Learning Architectural History with Google Earth (6000427)TSG
2013/14CAHDr Chau Hung DUNGChinese Civilisation Teaching Gateway Scheme-enhancing creativity of CityU students (6000501)TDG
2015/16POLProf. Xiaohu WANGRedesign of POL 2603 Social Sciences Research Methods (6000573)TDG
2017/18ENProf. Diane PECORARIMultimodal English language learning in the life sciences: The case of lexico-syntactic proficiencies (6000647)TSG
2017/18ENDr Jack PUNMultimodal English language learning in the life sciences: The case of interactional proficiencies (6000648)TSG
2010/11ENDr Anne Frances PEIRSON-SMITHEnhancing Learning in the Digital Global Classroom: Preparing Culturally Aware and World Class Graduates (6000332)TDG
2019/20CHEMDr. Richard CHEUNGUsing Augmented Reality(AR) in the Context of Flipped Learning (FL)to Gamify Learning Experience of Students in BCH4022 and BCH4022A Environmental Toxicology (6000700)TDG
2015/16BMSDr. Linfeng HUANGThe power of textbook: an experimental approach (6000565)TSG
2008/09EDGEDr Paul Clinton CORRIGANLongitudinal Study of Staff and Student Expectations and Attitudes towards GE: An Assessment of the Early Implementation of GE (6000178)TDG
2018/19PHDr. Akos KENEZActive learning through the veterinary curriculum: Translating pathology reports into problem-based learning (PBL) cases (6000692)TSG
2019/20PHDr. Rebecca PARKESIntegrating a model horse limb into the veterinary curriculum to improve student outcomes in a safe and interactive environment (6000708)TSG
2021/22ENDr. Jack PUNPreparing STEM students and teachers with extended learning opportunities through flipped/hybrid classrooms: The case of study of English-medium instruction (EMI) STEM students in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom (6000774)TDG
2020/21LTDr. Yuet Hung Cecilia CHANExploring Audio-description, arts translation and exhibition through engaged learning (6000739)TDG
2011/12SADr Arthur Kam Chuen CHEUNGSA Graduates Core Competencies Chronicle (6000379)TDG
2020/21ACEProf. Chee Wah LIMDriving for CityU Entrepreneurship: Student Competition in Design of Innovative Fall Protection System for Work at Height Safety in High-rise Building in Hong Kong (6000742)TDG
2015/16BSTProf. Chi Ming TAMInterdisciplinary DEC Student Project collaborated with the Industry: Project Development of Arts Pavilion for the Elderly in Hong Kong (6000544)TDG
2017/18ACEDr. Jeff Jian Feng WANGDEC Learning through Scientific Argumentation! in Material Engineering (6000633)TDG
2017/18ACEDr. Tommy Yiu LOFilmovation :Creative Mini-movie Platform for Ethics Education to Engineering Students
/ Industries (6000634)
2020/21ACEDr. Yick Tat TSANGStudent Participation in Digital Future : Design and Development of Construction Risk Planning Model for Digital Twin* in Hong Kong ACE Industry (6000769)TDG
2010/11CADr Chi Kwong WONGFacility Layout Planning Lab (FLPL): Uses of Tower Crane & Other Heavy Construction Plants (6000321)TDG
2010/11CADr Raymond Yiu Yin LEEStudent Participation in Building the Learning Environment: Establishing Virtual Database of Construction Standards for Hong Kong (6000319)TDG
2010/11CAProf Chi Ming TAMDevelopment of a Virtual Construction Environment (VCE) Model (Foundation Part) for Construction Planning for Construction & Structural Engineering Curricular (6000320)TDG
2007/08COMDr Ming CHEUNGVisual Communication and Advertising Design in Progress (6000148)TDG
2014/15MGTDr. Andrew CHANUbiquitous Learning: Mobile App for Internship Students (6000516)TDG
2021/22ACEDr. Xiaowei LUOTowards human-robot collaboration in construction: Learn and study collaborative robot knowledge through a virtual reality training game. (6000781)TDG
2014/15ACEDr. Jiayu CHENCyberGRID: Teaching and experiencing international teamwork through virtual environment (6000519)TDG
2013/14APProf Rui Qin ZHANGAchieving Discovery-Enriched Curriculum by integrating multidisciplinary projects with learning (6000494)TDG
2015/16APDr. Derek HOA collaborative learning platform: from idea incubation to technology transfer (6000559)TDG
2016/17MSEDr. Derek HOCollaborative rapid prototyping: A path to technology entrepreneurship education (6000616)TDG
2019/20ACEDr. Wing Hong Ivan FUNGOnline Teaching and Learning from “Tracing” Real-time Daily Site Operations: Development of the Platform of Automated Surveillance Network Cameras at Building and Civil Engineering Project Site - To understand more about Safety and Productivity (6000718)TDG
2010/11SSProf Sik Hung NGQuality of Research Degree Education/Training at the City University of Hong Kong: An Outcome-based Study (6000333)TDG
2012/13SSDr Diana Kan KWOKEmbracing Cultural Diversities Empowering Counseling Students with Multicultural Competence (6000409)TDG
2014/15MBEDr. Raymond Hiu Wai LAMInvention of microsystems through a self-motivation-driven learning process (6000520)TDG
2019/20ACEDr. Calvin KEUNGHarness MUVR innovation to support interdisciplinary BIM collaboration (6000714)TDG
2019/20PHDr. Ioannis MAGOURASBird ecology and infectious diseases in the field, the lab and the computer with focus on bird conservation, livestock and public health (6000701)TDG
2020/21SCMDr. Tobias KLEINScience + Technology + Arts (STARTS) Digital Craftsmanship in Art and Design Part I: Chinese Ceramics (6000740)TDG
2015/16LTDr. Bin LIDiscovery and collaborative learning through the development of a multilingual and multipurpose resource pool (6000574)TDG
2015/16EEDr. Rosa Ho Man CHANA Laboratory-Based Curriculum for Multidisciplinary Studies of Brain-Machine Interface (6000555)TDG
2015/16SCMDr. Damien CHARRIERASNew creative possibilities opened by the use of analog video synthesizer in the digital arts (6000550)TDG
2017/18SCMDr. Damien CHARRIERASInteractive World-Building And Narrative Universe: Sketch Of An Open World Experience (6000640)TDG
2017/18SCMDr. Max HATTLERAbstract Narratives (6000665)TDG
2005/06ACDr Margaret Chong Ching POONPathway to Professional Education - Whole Person Development Scheme for Accountancy Students (6000107)TDG
2010/11ELCDr Jane Elizabeth Mary LOCKWOODDiagnostic English Language Tracking Assessment (DELTA) Writing Project (6000203)ERG
2010/11CADr Ivan Wing Hong FUNGDevelopment of Safety & Risk Management Programme (SRM Instructor Programme 2010) for Construction & Structural Engineering (CSE) Curricular and Student Project Competition in Construction Safety Planning and Design (6000318)TDG
2016/17SCMMr. Albert Ka Ho YUVR Story Lab (6000624)TDG
2015/16SCMMr. Yuk Yiu IPCRITICAL GAMES: integrating creativity and critical thinking via the design of playable and participatory experience (6000536)TDG
2017/18PHProf. Sophie ST-HILAIREAquatic animal disease case simulation tool (6000641)TSG
2014/15SSDr. Jessica Chi Mei LICrime Prevention Discovery Channel (6000518)TDG
2020/21ISDr. Ron KWOKDevelopment of Immersive-Virtual-Reality and Self-directed Pro-social Learning (IVRSPL) Environment to Promote Students’ Pro-social Motivation and Behavior in Coding Classes (6000747)TDG
2020/21VCSDr. Kate Jade FLAYIntegrating virtual reality farm and facility tours into the veterinary curriculum to improve student outcomes in an interactive environment (6000761)TDG
2019/20VCSProf. Julia Anne BeattyActive learning and interactive teaching in Veterinary medicine: Injections and blood sampling in pigs in the Skills lab (6000704)TSG
2017/18ISDr. Alvin Chung Man LEUNGGamification to Promote Challenge-based Learning (6000628)TDG
2016/17SSDr. Sylvia KWOKStudents’ application of positive psychology and mental health theories to create an app for people with mental health problems (6000610)TDG
2016/17EEDr. Leanne CHANIntegrating engineering and biology in a laboratory-based curriculum (6000606)TDG
2019/20ENDr. Diane PecorariLearning by creating videos: How to make sense of concepts related to intercultural communication (6000705)TSG
2010/11SCMDr Linda Chiu Han LAIFormation of a Value-rich Peer Community for continuous, criterion-referenced and authentic Assessment (6000329)TDG
2020/21ACEDr. Charlie Qiuli XUECollaboration for Service Learning in historical architectural education: Old Rendering & New Media (6000736)TDG
2017/18SSDr. Dannii YEUNGIn-and-out of the Psychology Lab: Development of a laboratory-based DEC-enriched teaching and learning protocol for Psychology students (6000656)TDG
2016/17SCMDr. Miu Ling LAMProject TEDY - Technologies for the Elderly and Disabled people by Youths (6000607)TDG
2020/21SCMDr. Kening ZHUMaterial and Fabrication in and for the Ocean (6000748)TDG
2021/22CHEMDr. Brian Chin Wing KOTForensic imaging case study platform (6000787)TSG
2017/18MBEDr. Wai Yan Kannie CHANTracking molecules in the brain using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (6000660)TDG
2019/20SEEDr. Patrick LEEOnline energy and environmental laboratory courses (6000719)TDG
2015/16LTProf. Meichun LIUThe MERIT Study Kit for Large Classes: student-oriented, dynamic and interactive system (6000575)TDG
2017/18BSTProf. Chi Ming TAMIntegrating CANVAS in BIM-facilitated Quantity Surveying Education at CAVE Room: Case Study of Kwong Wah Hospital (Phase I) Re-development in Hong Kong (6000658)TDG
2021/22EFDr. Yaxuan QIVenture capital and entrepreneurial management: developing an inter-disciplinary course to support HKtech 300 (6000777)TDG
2015/16ACEDr. Chi Kwong WONGImmersive Education for Construction Students and Workforce – Learning through Experience (6000561)TDG
2018/19ACEDr. Xiaowei LUO Integration of virtual reality (VR) and eye-tracking device to enhance construction students’ safety knowledge of hazard-identification (6000679)TDG
2020/21ACEDr. Gongsheng HUANGLearning Where to Discover Safety Hazards: Modelling eye-movement to train construction students' hazards-identification ability (6000770)TDG
2021/22ACDr. Xiaoli HUAdopting Robotic Process Automation Technology in Problem-Based Learning: A Student Discovery Approach (6000780)TDG
2020/21ACDr. Rengong Alex ZHANGDiscovery-based financial education in a digital society: incorporating online artificial- intelligence tools in student-led learning activities (6000763)TDG
2019/20PHYDr. Condon LAUArtificial intelligence in medicine: virtual immunohistochemistry (6000694)TDG
2016/17ACEDr. Ivan Wing-hong FUNGLearning by Doing: A Development of New MR (Mixed Reality) Safety Training Tools for Civil and Construction Students in Hazardous Workplaces
(利用實做學習! 在混合模擬真實環境裡, 學員會像親歷其境, 深層記憶(高風險)工地各項施工程序的安全, 也能即時被糾正重做! 學生也可參與DEC 實地個案制作, 從而學習到安全理念及新科技!) (6000617)
2017/18LTDr. Bin LI(Re)discovering Hong Kong through surveying its linguistic landscape (6000653)TDG
2013/14LTDr John Sie Yuen LEEData-driven Evaluation of Computer-assisted Translation Systems for Pedagogocial Purposes (6000489)TDG
2016/17BSTDr. Arthur Wing Tak LEUNGEnhancing Identification and Classification of Geotechnical information using ‘GeoEngine’ (6000622)TDG
2015/16SCMDr. Max HATTLERVisual Music- Music Visuals, for Performance and Exhibition (6000566)TSG
2015/16ACEDr. Yick Tat TSANGCollaborative Student Project: Solving MMM (Men-Material-Machinery) Problems by Application of RFID in Construction Sites (6000545)TDG
2011/12MGTDr Frank Kuo YUEmbody 'Innovation Pedagogy' Aesthetic Practices in Blogging, Virtual Teams, and Business Competitions (6000378)TDG
2011/12SEEDr Patrick Kwan Hon LEEStudent project team composition and learning outcomes of environment-related courses (6000388)TDG
2014/15ACDr. Min ZHUUnderstanding the Causes and Consequences of Accounting Irregularities (6000521)TSG
2007/08EDGEMs Hokling CHEUNGElectronic Learning Portfolio Project (6000147)TDG
2009/10EDGEMs Hokling CHEUNGEncouraging academic integrity: An online tutorial (6000162)TDG
2008/09CADr Mei Yung LEUNGDeveloping an Interactive VM-web for Establishing FAST Diagram in VM Course (6000168)TDG
2006/07BSTDr Jackson KONGUsing Blackboard to develop an E-Learning Portfolios for promoting student-centered learning and facilitating outcome assessment of Associate Degree Students (6000132)TDG
2008/09EDGEMs Hokling CHEUNGePortfolios for All: A Roadmap for Success (6000165)TDG
2007/08CCIVDr Chau Hung DUNG中國文化教學強化計劃 (6000146)TDG
2005/06CAProf Sai On CHEUNGDeveloping a Web-based Multi-Media Self-Learning Programme for Measurement of Building Works (6000113)TDG
2007/08ENDr Bertha DU-BABCOCKBridging the Gap from Classroom-based Learning to Experiential Professional Learning: Preparing Ideal and Competent World Class Graduates (6000149)TDG
2006/07SSDr Alice Ming Lin CHONGDeveloping an operation protocol on peer learning and peer assessment (6000112)TDG
2008/09EDGEDr Eva Chow Brenda Yee Wah WONGEvaluations and Quality Assurance for TDG projects (6000161)TDG
2006/07CADr Siu Kui AUBlackBoard-based Online Laboratory System. Part I: Shake Table Experiment (6000128)TDG
2007/08CCIVMr King Chung WONGAn Interactive Digital Teaching and Learning Platform for Chinese Culture: Chinese Music Culture and Musical Instruments (6000151)TDG
2008/09SLWDr Steven Ke WANApplying Policy Analysis and Critical Thinking to Intellectual Property Law Courses (6000163)TDG
2006/07SCMDr Linda Chiu Han LAICreative in Practice: Teaching & Learning Outside Classroom (6000135)TDG
2006/07CADr Kenneth Tak Wing YIUDeveloping an e-Platform for Teaching and Learning Construction Negotiation (6000129)TDG
2008/09CTLDr Jackie Xiu YANPutonghua Learning Enhancement Program–Creating and combining both virtual and real interactive environment to enhance Putonghua learning (6000176)TDG
2008/09CCIVDr Chi Wang FUNG《反璞歸真──貴州少數民族村寨及小學探訪之旅》專書出版計劃 (6000157)TDG
2008/09CSProf Horace Ho Shing IPSmart Ambience for Affective Learning (SAMAL): An innovative exploration of Smart Ambience for integrating affect and cognition in learning Life Science and Information Management (6000158)TDG
2006/07ISMr Murali Mohan NARASIPURAMCourseware Develop to support Business Management (BPM), CILOs (Course lntended Learning Outcomes) (6000134)TDG
2006/07SCOPEMs Iris Wing Man CHEUK「廣普一對一」齊進計劃 (6000136)TDG
2010/11BSTMr Gary Chak Wa CHANDevelopment of a Sustainable, Student-centered, Teaching and Learning Resources Repository for Construction Students: Integrating In-class and Out-of-class Learning Activities (6000322)TDG
2019/20BSTDr. Kung Wing Andy NG‘From Ideas to Building Elements’ Learning Package (I2Be): A discovery-enriched 4-stage learning package for construction technology of local building projects (6000695)TDG
2016/17BSTDr. Andy Kung-wing NGThe development of a Discovery-enriched and self-sustained Teaching and Learning Package for Construction Site Layout Planning Analysis adopting the Interactive Augmented Reality technology (DESLA-Package) (6000621)TDG
2013/14SSDr Sylvia Lai Yuk Ching KWOKStudents’ theory application and creation of a website to promote happy and positive families (6000493)TDG
2011/12BSTDr Jackson KONGA Multifunctional Platform for Learning and Teaching of Infrastructure Development and Its Impacts (6000350)TDG
2011/12ELCMr Charles Alan LOCKHARTThe Development of Writing Workshops to Enhance Students' Writing Skills (6000355)TDG
2011/12SLWDr Rebecca Yoke Chan ONGIntroducing innovations to teaching of the postgraduate certificate
in laws using educational technology (6000389)
2006/07ACDr Margaret Chong Ching POONSupplemental Instruction Scheme (6000121)TDG
2012/13SLWMr John Alexander Stephen BURKEDVD on Bail Application (6000448)TDG
2012/13SSDr Wing Chung HOExploring the Lives of Marginal Groups in the Community:
Subjective Experience and Public Response (6000410)
2011/12BSTDr Caroline Tak Wa CHANCollaborative Learning Environment for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Students to Foster Collaborative Skills Development (6000346)TDG
2010/11SLWMr John Alexander Stephen BURKEDVD Program for PCLL Students to Teach Interviewing and Advising (6000334)TDG
2005/06BSTDr Raymond Wai Man WONGJoint Programme to develop Teaching Materials for Construction Technology Subjects incorporating inputs from Academic Staff, Students, Graduates and Practicing Professionals (6000109)TDG
2013/14BSTDr Arthur Wing Tak LEUNGAcquiring Construction Planning Skills through Simulations on
“Model Building” (6000496)
2010/11ENDr Martin WEISSERCreating Corpus-Based Online Materials and Resources for GE 2 English Courses for Engineering & Other Technical Disciplines (6000339)TDG
2015/16SLWDr. Rebecca ONGLegal Skills for Everyone (6000540)TDG
2005/06EDGEMs Hokling CHEUNGEnglish Language e-Portfolio Project (6000104)TDG
2010/11ELCMrs Roxanne Sue WONGDeveloping a Learner Centered Writing Rubric for the 2012-13 English for Academic Purposes Course (6000342)TDG
2010/11ENDr Bertha DU-BABCOCKDevelopment of Presentation Skills for Asian Students through a Guide Book and Integrated Videos (6000331)TDG
2017/18SCMDr. Harald KRAEMERMultimedia Classics & Transmedia Storytelling - a digital archive with case studies of multimedia applications to inspire and train students for the planning and production of future interactive transmedia applications (6000637)TDG
2009/10SSMr Anthony Muk Leung YAUEnhancing Students' Learning Motivation by Continuous Monitoring and Regulations of Achievement Goals, Capability Beliefs, and Achievement Emotions (6000179)TDG
2009/10SSDr Jessica Chi Mei LICrime Prevention (6000180)TDG
2009/10SLWDr Wei SHENApplying an Economic Analysis Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Company Law (6000181)TDG
2010/11SSProf Daniel Fu Keung WONGPutting Theory into Clinical Practice: A Web-Based Cognitive behavior Therapy Learning Platform (6000341)TDG
2010/11ELCDr Hebe Mei ha WONGSupporting a Hybrid Language Course (6000343)TDG
2010/11SSDr Wai Man KWONGCounselling as a 'Conversational Art': Development of a Language-based Approach to Counselling and Laboratory Training of Counselling Skills (6000344)TDG
2011/12SSMs Kathy Kam Ping LEUNGToward a Refinement of the Theory and Practice of Marriages (6000345)TDG
2011/12CADr Mei Yung LEUNGDeveloping a Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Training Workshop for Undergraduates (6000347)TDG
2011/12CSDr Chee Wei TANTeaching and Learning of Green Information Technology for Undergraduates (6000348)TDG
2011/12BSTDr Joseph Francis WONGEnhancing tacit knowledge exchange in the design studio with mobile techynology (6000351)TDG
2011/12CSDr Chi Yin CHOWA Web-based Collaborative Training System for Developing Smartphone Applications (6000352)TDG
2011/12SSDr Esther Oi Wah CHOWThe Development of an Indigenous Training Package in Life Education: Working with Older Adults (6000357)TDG
2011/12SSDr Ping Kwong KAMAn Innovative Project to Enhance Students' Understanding on Social Work through
Discovering the Quality of Social Workers from Service Users' Perspective (6000381)
2011/12SSDr Sam Shengquan YEThe Effect of Curiosity on Student Learning in Discovery-Enriched Curriculum (DEC) (6000382)TDG
2011/12EEDr Ray Chak Chung CHEUNGBridging Teachers and Students with a Discovery-Enriched Mobile Platform – iLearnt (6000386)TDG
2011/12MBEDr Peng SHIBooks Printed at Microscale: Hands on Laboratory of Micro-technologies in Biomedical Research (6000387)TDG
2011/12ISDr Ron Chi Wai KWOKDevelopment and Assessment of Q-Stress Fitness App for GE Classes on Fitness Management (6000390)TDG
2011/12BSTDr Raymond Wai Man WONGDevelopment of an Interactive Information Archieve on Architecture, Building and Civil Technology to support Teaching and Learning (6000368)TDG
2012/13ISDr Yu TONGMobile-based Learning Discovery Curriculum (6000420)TSG
2011/12BCHProf Lilian KWAN Lee Ping VRIJMOEDDevelopment of a student learning behavior diagnostic tool for the
 “Discovery Enriched Curriculum" (6000383)
2006/07EDGEDr Anna Siu Fong KWANEnhancing university students' learning motivation. Phase 1: helping students develop their own learning motivation (6000124)TDG
2013/14EFDr Michael Chak Sham WONGStrengthening Python literacy of students for knowledge discovery and knowledge commercialization (6000488)TDG
2010/11CLASSMr Marie Christiane Suzanne BERNEGlobal Classroom on Wikis: Cross-cultural Digital Exchange to Enhance Collaborative and Independent Learning in a Global Context (6000338)TDG
2012/13ACEDr Daisy Kam Lan YEUNGDeveloping an e-Platform for implementing Innovative
Green-going Strategy (6000412)
2013/14APProf Xun Li WANGInteractive integration of world-leading synchrotrons and neutron scattering facilities into CityU classrooms (6000451)TDG
2010/11EEDr Ray Chak Chung CHEUNGConstruction of an Open Web-based Platform (EEProg-Wiki) for e-self-assessment of Computing Skills (6000327)TDG
2021/22MSEDr. Derek HORaising Tech Tigers: A path to technology entrepreneurship education (6000776)TDG
2020/21SCMDr. Ray LCTELEPATHIC CONSTRUCTION: teaching empathic design and fabrication across remote distances (6000771)TSG
2015/16APProf. Kwok Sum CHANWeb resources for large class learning enhancement (6000577)TDG
2016/17ACEDr. Raymond LEESensor-based Smart City Modelling: with Collaborative Urban Analytics by ACE & BST Students (Inter-disciplinary Project)學生們利用跨學科合作項目: 採用協作城市化分析去創造立體的智慧城市模型, 裡面每座建築物或基建已具備定位之感應器, 不同位置配搭的分佈, 通過電腦程式之同步介面, 可得出整體的效益值 (例如: 能源效益), 學生可即時改變位置或設計, 在介面可看到各效益之變化! (6000618)TDG
2015/16SCMDr. Daniel C. HoweCreative Coding with Social Version-Control: Enhancing Collaboration, Iteration & Transparency (6000554)TDG
2017/18ENDr. Christoph HAFNERMultimodal English language learning in the life sciences: The case of generic proficiencies (6000651)TDG
2017/18SCMDr. Tomas LAURENZOArtificial Intelligence and Art (6000636)TDG
2019/20SEEDr. Chun Ho LAMImplementing Virtual Reality Activities to Deliver an Immersive Learning Experience on Climate Change and Environmental Misconducts (6000699)TDG
2019/20SCMDr. Max HATTLERAlternative Binocular Vision in Experimental Animation (6000702)TDG
2021/22SCMDr. Daniel C HOWEComputational Notebooks for Creative Coding Education (6000779)TDG
2016/17ACEDr. Mei-yung LEUNGDeveloping an Interactive VM-web for evaluating ideas in VM course (6000605)TDG
2020/21MSProf. Houmin YANContinuous and Direct Close-loop Assessment for OBTL Based Programme and Course Improvement and Management (6000743)TDG
2015/16ACEDr. Calvin Chung Wai KEUNGA network-based virtual community for innovative project collaboration (6000558)TDG
2019/20CSDr. Shiqi WANGInvestigation of Quality of Experience in Online Learning (6000713)TDG
2019/20MSEDr. Derek HOInvigorating the teaching-research nexus: massive research immersion for engineering undergraduates (6000697)TDG
2018/19BMSDr. Xi YAO3D printing user-interactive training models for enhancing learning experience in regenerative medicine (6000685)TDG
2018/19EEDr. Ho Man Rosa CHANEnhancing Global Experiential Learning on Neural Prostheses and Human-Machine Interface (6000686)TDG
2017/18POLDr. Chih Wei HSIEHLocal Knowledge Matters: Incorporating Greater China-Based Case Studies into the Curriculum of Public Human Resource Management Courses (6000654)TDG
2013/14BSTDr Caroline Tak Wa CHANLearning from peers: Fostering knowledge discovery through co-assessment by peers (6000498)TDG
2015/16SSDr. Joseph Keung Fai WUThinking creatively: The process of innovation (6000570)TDG
2018/19CHEMDr. Zonglong ZHUEnriching Inquisitive and Problem-oriented Thinking and Learning on Chemistry Laboratory Course (6000672)TSG
2015/16SCMDr Daniel Howe Social Writing Strategies with Academic Writing Month (6000548)TDG
2017/18MKTProf. Zhilin YANGDeveloping CEM Simulations as a Powerful Courseware for Students to Learn Customer Experience Management (6000626)TDG
2005/06SCMProf Zhi Qiang LIUSpecial Interest Group in Computer Games: a pilot project for In-depth-Learning and training (6000111)TDG
2005/06CADr Mei Yung LEUNGDeveloping an Integrated e-Learning Centre for Construction Value Management - Undergraduate Module (6000114)TDG
2005/06CADr Paul Heung Fai LAMThe Development of Blackboard-based Web-Applications for the Teaching and Learning of Second Order Steel Structure Analysis and Prestressed Concrete Design (6000115)TDG
2005/06CSDr Kai On CHOWOrganizing lecture slides from students' perspectives for syndicated learning (6000117)TDG
2005/06CSDr Yuen Tak YUTools and Resources for Educating Software Engineering Students with a Quality Perspective (6000119)TDG
2006/07ENDr Rodney Hale JONESExpanding the Language Clinic System to Student Residences (6000122)TDG
2006/07SCOPEMs Mary Mei SZEA web-based talking dictionary with visual corrective feedback on learner's spoken Mandarin 視覺判斷自學者普通話語音正誤的網上工具性有聲字典 (6000126)TDG
2006/07CAMr Vincent Yee Fai SIUWeb-based Learning in Safety for Building & Construction Laboratory and Site Works (6000130)TDG
2006/07CADr Ivan Wing Hong FUNGDevelopment of Virtual Engineering Surveying & GPS Learning Workshop for Construction & Structural Engineering Curricula (6000131)TDG
2006/07ISDr Narsimha BOLLOJUA peer review system to enhance critiquing ability of students in systems analysis courses (6000133)TDG
2006/07SSDr Estella Yue Kuen CHANThe use of guided group inquiry (GGI) to facilitate students achieving the intended learning outcomes (ILOs) of work based learning (6000137)TDG
2006/07CADr Yu WANGDevelopment of computer Role-playing games for geotechnical construction (6000139)TDG
2006/07BCHDr Yun Wah LAMUsing programmed learning to help Applied Biology students to prepare for laboratory classes (6000140)TDG
2006/07SCMMr Julius Chin Pang WONGSummer Study Tour 2007: Animation Tour in Japan (6000141)TDG
2007/08BSTDr Charlie Qiuli XUEBuilding Practice in China - A Study for the Flexible Curriculum for All Building Related Courses (6000142)TDG
2007/08CSDr Chung Keung POONResources and Strategies for Innovative Problem Based TLAs to Achieve ILOs in Problem Solving Courses with the use of Computers (6000143)TDG
2007/08CSDr Philips Fu Lee WANGPedagogy and Curriculum Design for Blended Teaching and Learning of Object-Oriented Programming (6000144)TDG
2007/08CSDr Victor Chung Sing LEEA novel debugging aid to promote the implementation of OBTL in computer courses (6000145)TDG
2007/08CSDr Joseph Shi Piu FONGPodcasting an Online Web XML based multimedia teaching presentation archive system for students learning (6000152)TDG
2007/08MSDr Erick Zhaolin LIUse computerized simulators as course supplements to teach operations & supply chain management (6000153)TDG
2007/08CADr Kam Tim TSEHands-on experiences of wind tunnel tests and computer program for wind design (6000154)TDG
2007/08SSDr Jessica Chi Mei LICrime Issue 犯罪頭條 (6000155)TDG
2007/08CSDr Joseph Shi Piu FONGeSurvey: a survey record based eLearning system for research students (6000156)TDG
2008/09SSDr Diana Kan KWOKCelebrate Sexual Diversity (6000159)TDG
2008/09CTLMiss Yanyan ZHANGPutonghua Salon (6000160)TDG
2008/09SEEMDr Oscar Kwan San HUIDevelopment of Student-Led Laboratory Experience (6000164)TDG
2008/09MGTDr Andrew CHANCourse enrichment project for a BBA Course MGT4223 (Recruitment and Selection) (6000166)TDG
2008/09CSDr Joseph Shi Piu FONGAn eLearning Computer Programming Open Forum for Debugging Supporting System (6000167)TDG
2008/09SCMProf Zhi Qiang LIUBluetooth Media Sharing: Interactive Multimedia Display for a Participatory Mobile Lifestyle (6000169)TDG
2008/09EEProf Angus Kwok Ming WUAnimated Online Teaching Material Development for First Year Fundamental (6000170)TDG
2008/09BCHDr Richard Yuen Chong KONGProduction of visualized protocols for teaching/learning Modern Experimental Biology (6000171)TDG
2008/09AISDr Catherine Chu Hing CHIUPromoting Active Learning Inside and Outside of Classrooms (6000172)TDG
2008/09AISDr Justin Lee ROBERTSONStrengthening Site Visits, Social Media and Sensory Learning (6000173)TDG
2008/09CADr Sai Li WONGFrom Laboratory Safety to Workplace Safety: From Student to Professional (6000174)TDG
2008/09CADr Kam Tim TSEEnhancement of Management Skill of Engineering Students via Group Projects (6000175)TDG
2008/09ISDr Ron Chi Wai KWOKSmart Concept Map System (SmartCMS): An Innovative Application to Support Interactive Concept Map-Based Teaching and Learning in Computer-Mediated Classes (6000177)TDG
2009/10AISDr Yuk Wah CHANTeaching Complex Societies - China in Transition (6000301)TDG
2009/10CTLDr Clara Ho Yan CHANNew Blackboard-based Bilingual Oral Journal for First-year Interpreting Students (6000303)TDG
2009/10CSDr Lam For KWOKDevelopment of Learning Resource Repository for Information Security and Management (6000306)TDG
2009/10CCIVMr Kam Hung KWOKGIS for Teaching Chinese Civilization: Integrating Google Map, Wikipedia and Video on Demand (6000307)TDG
2009/10CSDr Joseph Shi Piu FONGReal Time Web Services Based Handwritten Chat Room E-Learning System (6000308)TDG
2010/11MGTDr Andy Siu On KWANDeveloping an Electronic Database of Contemporary Management Practices in Hong Kong (6000309)TDG
2010/11COMDr Ming CHEUNGA Study on the Impact of Team Dynamics on Creativity in Advertising Design (6000310)TDG
2010/11CTLDr Clara Ho Yan CHANAn Online Library for Interpretation Training in Hong Kong (6000311)TDG
2010/11CTLDr Sarah KENDERDINEHybrid Teaching Methodologies: Advancing the Use of Online Video Conferencing to Access Professionals in Industry (6000312)TDG
2010/11CTLDr Jackie Xiu YANPutonghua Salon: A Language Learning Enhancement Program for Students and Staff Members in the City University of Hong Kong (6000313)TDG
2010/11SSDr Diana Kan KWOKMoving Beyond Discriminations–Rewriting Life Stories (6000314)TDG
2010/11SSDr Sylvia Lai Yuk Ching KWOKDevelopment of an Interactive Web-based Self-learning Package: Integrating Theory into Practice (6000315)TDG
2010/11ELCDr Eva Yuk-yuen So LUIEnhancing the Usefulness of Automated English Language Diagnostic Feedback to Students (6000316)TDG
2010/11SSDr Jessica Chi Mei LITeaching Crime Prevention in Everyday Life (6000317)TDG
2010/11CSDr Joseph Shi Piu FONGIntegrate Facebook with Blackboard for Mobile Learning (6000324)TDG
2010/11CSProf Weijia JIAWeFiLab: A Web-based WiFi Laboratory System for Wireless Networking Education (6000325)TDG
2010/11CSDr Chee Wei TANDevelopment of Recommender Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning (6000326)TDG
2010/11SEEMDr Hongyi SUNThe Development and Application of the A4 Game for POM Courses (6000328)TDG
2010/11CCIVDr Chau Hung DUNGChinese Civilisation Teaching Enhancement Scheme – Featuring the Beautiful Scenery of CityU Campus 中國文化教學優化計劃──以城大景觀為主題 (6000330)TDG
2010/11SLWDr Avnita LAKHANIAligning PILOs and CILOs with a Market Assessment of Required Legal Skills for Hong Kong Lawyers of the 21st Century (6000335)TDG
2010/11EDGEMr David Santandreu CALONGEQuality Assurance for Education Research Grant Projects (Large Scale Teaching Development Grant Projects) (6000337)TDG
2010/11SADr Han SHIDeveloping Cases for Teaching Sustainable Development of Hong Kong (6000340)TDG
2011/12CADr Alvin Chi Keung LAIPilot Empirical Studies of the Use of Wait-time for Adaptive Active Learning (6000358)TDG
2011/12BSTMs Virginia Wai Man FUNGDevelopment of an Interactive e-Learning Platform for Enhancing Students' Visual Literacy (6000359)TDG
2011/12APDr Arul Lenus Roy VELLAISAMYScientific teaching for the discovery-enriched curriculum (6000360)TDG
2011/12APDr Jensen Tsan Hang LIA graphical simulation platform for teaching physics (6000361)TDG
2011/12BCHDr Terrence Chi Kong LAUVirtual laboratory for experiencing science at molecular level (6000362)TDG
2011/12BCHDr Eddie Chi Him MACell-based learning discovery curriculum (6000363)TDG
2011/12SCMMr Scott HESSELSExploring Extreme Ecosystems Creatively through Arts and Science (6000365)TDG
2011/12BSTMr Alan Ming Lun FONGDevelopment of a discovery-enriched teaching and learning system for engineering students of energy audit by in-class and out-of-class learning activities (6000367)TDG
2011/12SLWMr John Alexander Stephen BURKEDVD on Order 14 Application (6000371)TDG
2011/12CADr Raymond Yiu Yin LEEDiscovery Learning: Virtual Geo-informatics Workshop for Construction & Structural Engineering Curricula (6000374)TDG
2011/12SSDr Sylvia Lai Yuk Ching KWOKDevelopment of an Interactive Web-based Self-learning Package: Integrating family therapy into Practice (6000376)TDG
2011/12BCHDr Guangyu ZHUImprovement of Soft Skills through Discovery-Based Learning for Final Year Undergraduate Students (6000377)TDG
2012/13MKTDr John Wai Keung LEUNGDevelopment of an Interactive Workshop Table (IWT) to Facilitate Higher Level Learning (6000401)TDG
2012/13MGTDr Reuben MONDEJARInternational Multi-Country Multi-Cultural Business Proposal On-Line Student
Inter-University Exercise (6000402)
2012/13AISDr Nicholas David THOMASPerceiving Pseudo-reality: The Utility of Simulations (6000403)TDG
2012/13LTDr Clara Ho Yan CHANAn English-Chinese Glossary of Terminology for Law Students
in Hong Kong (6000404)
2012/13LTDr Jackie Xiu YANError Annotated Learner Translation Corpus: An Interactive and Constructive Evaluation of Student Translations (6000405)TDG
2012/13SSDr Bonnie Wing Yin CHOWThe effects of discovery-enriched curriculum on students’ learning
 motivation and strategy use (6000407)
2012/13SSDr Alice Ming Lin CHONGFostering an Age-friendly City with Online Learning (6000408)TDG
2012/13CSDr Shuaicheng LIPseduo Code Visualization and Interactive Learning System (6000413)TDG
2012/13MBEDr Raymond Hiu Wai LAMPlatform Development for Education of Biomedical Instrumentation (6000414)TDG
2012/13ISDr Wei Thoo YUESynthetic Environment for Information Security and Audit Training (6000415)TDG
2012/13EFDr Yaxuan QIAn Interactive Learning-Teaching Platform for a BBA Course EF4313 (Corporate Finance):
A course Enrichment Project. (6000416)
2012/13EFDr Qianqian HUANGHands-on Project and Interactions with Industry Practitioners (6000417)TSG
2012/13ISDr Hailiang CHENElectronic Commerce Business Case Studies in Hong Kong and Mainland China (6000418)TSG
2012/13ISDr Alex Chong WANGEnhance Student Engagement through the Use of Social Media (6000419)TSG
2012/13ENDr Brian Walter KINGRe-imagining English through collaborative online writing: Discovering
digital pedagogy (6000421)
2012/13ENDr David Robert GRUBEREmbodying Text: Teaching and learning in the digital humanities classroom with natural user interfaces (6000422)TSG
2012/13ENDr Y Dang TROEUNGExploring English cinema through the production of creative video projects (6000423)TSG
2012/13POLDr Eirik Lang HARRISDeveloping Critical Reasoning Skills in Gateway Education Courses (6000424)TSG
2012/13APDr Feng WANGFostering the curiosity and enthusiasm of students through self-directed
 laboratory exercises (6000426)
2012/13ACEDr Denvid Tak Bun LAUEnhancing Student’s Graphical Presentation Skill in Science and Engineering (6000428)TSG
2012/13ACEDr Youngchul KIMStudents’ Publication of Course Work by Students’ participation (6000429)TSG
2012/13ACEDr Alice Shan LIExploration of “Student-Experience-Oriented” Curriculum
--Integrating Analytical BIM Database in Teaching of
“Green Building Design” (6000430)
2012/13MBEDr Cecil Ting Hsuan CHENSeeing is believing: the scientific journey through biological visualization (6000431)TSG
2012/13MBEDr Yang LU“Illuminated” by DLP (Digital Light Processing): a case study of MEMS
 (micro-electro-mechanical systems) design for display technology (6000432)
2012/13SEEMDr Zijun ZHANGCase-based teaching, problem-based learning and industrial-visits-based training in introductory total quality engineering courses (6000433)TSG
2012/13SEEMDr Qiang ZHOUEnhancing learning experience by introduction of new data management
technologies (6000434)
2012/13SCMDr Miu Ling LAMWearable Technology: the Next Level Fashion and Design (6000435)TSG
2012/13SCMDr Damien CHARRIERASWhose game is it anyway? Interactive games, from mainstream to underground practices:
 industries-indies-artists-hackers-fan. (6000436)
2012/13SCMDr David Jhave JOHNSTONCLAPP (Collaborative Learning App) (6000437)TSG
2012/13SCMMr Takuro Mizuta LIPPITTouching Sound - Discovering new aesthetics through tangible sound media (6000438)TSG
2012/13CSDr Cong WANGCultivating the New Generation of IT Professionals via Hands-on Laboratories on Cloud Computing and Security (6000439)TSG
2012/13ENDr Allan David JOHNSONDevelopment and Assessment of the Use of an ‘Authentic Learning Management System’(ALMS) in Undergraduate Literature Education (6000440)TSG
2012/13MADr Xiang ZHOUExperimentation-based Teaching Methodology for undergraduate applied math courses (6000441)TSG
2012/13MBEDr Chung TINLearn about the brain under microscope, not just on paper (6000442)TSG
2012/13MBEDr King Wai Chiu LAIInnovative Exploratory Learning on Smart Gadgets Development Platform (6000443)TSG
2012/13ACEMr Yick Tat TSANGCityU Campus Environmental Audit Project & Competition (with student engagement): re-think, re-design and re-create (6000444)TDG
2012/13LTDr Bin LIDeveloping a self-discovery learning strategy through watching TV (6000445)TDG
2012/13LTProf Chunshen ZHUCityU Online Platform for the Teaching/(self-)Learning of Translation and Bilingual Writing:
 Implementation and development (6000446)
2012/13SEEMDr Hongyi SUNDevelopment and implementation of a thinking-style assessment tool for
 enhancing creativity (6000447)
2012/13SLWDr Avnita LAKHANIIgniting Discovery and Innovation in Law through Creative Assessment Strategies (6000449)TDG
2012/13SSDr Annis Lai Chu FUNGEnhancement of innovative counselling knowledge and skills in youth aggression and victimization across familyand school contexts for practitioners (6000450)TDG
2013/14ACEProf Sai On CHEUNGInstilling culture of innovation through exposure (6000452)TDG
2013/14MBEDr Dzung Hoang MAIRefreshing GE Courses with Up-to-date Materials from the Student Perspective (6000456)TDG
2013/14MSDr Chi Hang LEUNGDeveloping local cases for transportation logistics to enhance DEC (6000458)TDG
2013/14SCMMr Scott HESSELSExploring Extreme Environment Creatively through Art and
 Science (6000459)
2013/14SSDr Yetta Kwai Ling WONGUse of Programming Technique for Experimental Research in
 Psychology (6000462)
2013/14APDr Derek HOBridging the Gap between Theory and Practice: A Hands-on, Self-guided Engineering Prototype Development Program (6000463)TSG
2013/14APDr Suresh Mavila CHATHOTHA New Initiative for Undergraduate Students to Learn Advanced Scattering Techniques (6000464)TSG
2013/14APDr Jun FANComputer Simulation & Visualization Aided Teaching of Biophysics Courses (6000465)TSG
2013/14ACEDr Stefan KRAKHOFERDevelopment and Assessment of combining BIM and Mixed Reality (MR) in Undergraduate Architecture Education (6000466)TSG
2013/14ACEDr Tae Wan KIMAssessing the effectiveness of using interactive and real-time classroom engagement technology in higher education in Hong Kong (6000467)TSG
2013/14ACEDr Jiayu CHENPromoting Student Participation and Enabling Collective and Mutual Learning in Engineering Education through a Social Writing Platform (Wikispaces) (6000468)TSG
2013/14ACEDr Shi Yu XUCreating a Discussion-Friendly Classroom and an e-Learning Environment through the Employment of Interactive Digital Learning Database (6000469)TSG
2013/14ACEDr Jason NIFrom Linear to “Big Canvas” – Development of a Learning Scheme with Enhancement of Innovation,Problem-solving, Critical Thinking and Student Participation (6000470)TSG
2013/14CSDr Gerhard Petrus HANCKEEncouraging self-learning and discovery through gamification of tutorials (6000471)TSG
2013/14CSDr Hong XUTeaching Cloud Computing with a Real Cloud and Real Cloud Practitioners (6000472)TSG
2013/14ENDr Christian Wai CHUNSelf and Society: Using Video Narratives in an Undergraduate University English course (6000473)TSG
2013/14ENDr Colin CAVENDISH-JONESShakespeare in Performance (6000474)TSG
2013/14MBEDr Yajing SHENMicro golf through robot: way to let student learn elusive theory via small game intuitively (6000475)TSG
2013/14MBEDr Lu LiuDevelopment of a Discovery-Enriched Platform for Design and Implementation of Dynamic Systems and Control (6000476)TSG
2013/14POLDr Scott Victor VALENTINEEnhancing Student Participation with Student Response Systems (6000477)TSG
2013/14SCMDr Ayoung SUHEngaging Students to Visualize Information: Exploring the Potential of Augmented Reality (6000478)TSG
2013/14SCMDr Charlotte FROSTArt History Lab (6000479)TSG
2013/14SCMDr Kening ZHUSmart Materials in Pervasive Media (6000480)TSG
2013/14SLWDr Shucheng WANGDiscovery and Assessment of the Clinical Legal Studies of Chinese and Comparative Law through a Student-centered Approach in Hong Kong (6000481)TSG
2013/14SCMDr Shannon WALSHThe Invisible City: Documentary, urban space and life worlds in Hong Kong (6000483)TSG
2013/14BSTDr Per-Johan DAHLThe Architectural Experiment as a Teaching Component in Professional
Curricula (6000484)
2013/14CSDr Jacky Wai KEUNGA Pragmatic Approach to Changing the Pedagogy of Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm using Interactive Programming Environment: Implementation and Development (6000485)TSG
2013/14APDr Chunyi ZhiCultivating students' discovery ability by guiding students to ask questions (6000486)TSG
2013/14MGTDr Mary PANGMaximising the Study Abroad Experience (6000487)TDG
2013/14POLDr Joan Yin Hung LEUNGCultural and Policy Exploration in an Internationalization Context: Critical Reflection and Creative Expressions @CityU (6000490)TDG
2013/14SSDr Oliver Heng Choon CHANThe Development of Local Hong Kong Violent Sexual Offense Cases for DEC-oriented Teaching and Learning of Criminology Courses (6000491)TDG
2013/14SSDr Raysen Wai Leung CHEUNGFacilitating career insight of students from their internships and work experience (6000492)TDG
2013/14BCHDr Peggy Pik Kwan LODiscovery Enriched Curriculum on DNA-Based Teaching and Learning (6000495)TDG
2013/14MBEDr Xinrui NIULend new eyes to students – observing everyday lives with long distance microscope (LDM)
(借你一雙慧眼 – 透過長距顯微鏡看日常生活) (6000499)
2013/14SCMDr Daniel C. HOWETranslation as Affordance for Computational Creative Writing (6000502)TDG
2013/14SLWMr John Alexander Stephen BURKEDVD on examination-in-chief and cross-examination in a criminal matter (6000503)TDG
2013/14POLDr Xiaoling ZHANGExploring the case and problem based teaching curriculum by developing a virtual web-based experience mining system (6000504)TSG
2013/14POLDr Jun WANGMaking it real: DEC for “Housing Policy and Society” (POL3231) (6000505)TSG
2013/14SSDr Andus Wing Kuen WONGPromoting inter-disciplinary learning and research between Psychology students and students from other disciplines (6000506)TSG
2013/14SEEMDr Qingpeng ZHANGEnhancement of Learning with Big Data on the Cloud (6000507)TSG
2013/14SCMDr Bo ZHENGAn Online Curating Platform for Learning Contemporary Art (6000508)TSG
2013/14EFDr Du DUStructural Innovations on Teaching EF4331 (International Finance
and Banking) (6000509)
2013/14ENProf Roberto SIMANOWSKILearning by doing: Digital Media as tools and subject of media literacy teaching (6000510)TSG
2013/14CSDr Sarana NUTANONGA Hands-on Approach to Data-Intensive Computing: Bridging the Gap Between Undergraduate Education, Research and Industry (6000511)TSG
2013/14ACEDr Dave Ta Fu KuoCollective research experience utilizing e-platforms and mobile devices (6000512)TSG
2013/14SSProf Dennis WONGEthics and Criminological Research (6000513)TDG
2013/14APDr Johnny Chung Yin HOIntegration of Reverse-Engineering Training for Professional Engineers (6000514)TDG
2014/15ISDr. Terence Chun Ho CHEUNGDevelopment of a “SmartConnect” platform for early awareness of students’ employability towards digital industry (6000515)TDG
2014/15AISDr. Dennitza GABAKOVA'Cut&Paste':Paper Collage Technique and Visual Argumentation (6000517)TDG
2014/15EFDr. King King LIExperimental Economics Laboratory (6000522)TSG
2014/15ENDr. Peter JORDAN“Museum” – Theatre Production (6000523)TSG
2014/15SSDr. Andrew Yiu Tsang LOWWeb-based Learning Environment for Counselling Practicum Students (6000524)TSG
2014/15ACEDr. Xiaowei LUODevelopment and Evaluation of Mobile Teaching Tool with Augmented Reality to Enhance DEC (6000525)TSG
2014/15APDr. Condon LAULearning through Discovery: a Radiation Therapy Teaching Platform that Stimulates the Development of Improved Treatment Protocols (6000526)TSG
2014/15BMSDr. Xi YAOOutcome based Knowledge visualizaion in teaching life science for 'non-STEM' students (6000527)TSG
2014/15SEEMDr. Siyang GAOEnhancing learning experience by introducing Monte Carlo Simulation Technologies (6000528)TSG
2014/15SEEMDr. Lishuai LIUsing multimedia sketches of real world OR applications to enhance student learning experience (6000529)TSG
2014/15SCMDr. Harald Peter KRAEMERCuratorship, Arts and Exhibition Management - Manuscript for Handbook (6000530)TSG
2014/15SCMMr. Tobias KLEINFrom Paper folding to CNC Design - Sustainable Design Methodology (6000531)TSG
2014/15SCMDr. Tomas LAURENZOVirtual Robotic Art (6000532)TSG
2014/15SEEDr. Aude POMMERETEngaging students using social annotations and peer correction (6000533)TSG
2015/16SSDr. Hui Fang CHENRater severity in self-and peer-evaluation (6000534)TDG
2015/16SCMDr. Yong Ming KOWDeveloping In-class Peer-review Assessments using Google Forms (6000535)TDG
2015/16MBEDr.Ting Hsuan CHENLearning by inventing: a flipped classroom for innovating point-of-care devices (6000537)TDG
2015/16CAHDr. Vivian Pui Yin LEEEnvisioning the Past: A Local History Project Reaching out to Wider Audiences (6000538)TDG
2015/16APProf. Peter Kwan Ngok YUNurturing undergraduate students in computational and experimental biomedical physics research (6000539)TDG
2015/16MBEDr. Chung TINSelf-motivated and hands-on project platform for development of biomedical engineering applications (6000541)TDG
2015/16BCHDr. Peggy Pik Kwan LOEnhancing learning experience towards sustainable use of resources (6000542)TDG
2015/16LTDr. Xiu YANPeer-evaluation and Assessment Criteria Perceived by Learners in the English-Chinese Interpretation Classes (6000543)TDG
2015/16SCMDr. Ayoung SUHEngaging Students in Learning Activities via Gamification Ideas: Integrating Theory into Practice (6000546)TDG
2015/16SCMDr. Robert Jay ELLIS-GEIGERWhy Do Hong Kong Cinemas Sound So Bad? (6000547)TDG
2015/16SCMMr. Tobias KLEINSkunkworks – New Reactive Materials for Art and Design (6000549)TDG
2015/16ENDr. Carolin FUCHSComputer-mediated ethnographic research through international collaboration – A pilot study (6000551)TDG
2015/16SCMDr. Linda LaiDocumentary and Everyday Urban life: Integrating community issues and creative ideas in the city (6000552)TDG
2015/16POLDr. Wanxin LIConstructing self-transcendent experiences for discoveries in environmental policy and governance (6000553)TDG
2015/16LTDr. Wai Sum LEEA study tool for improving English pronunciation for Cantonese-speaking students (6000556)TDG
2015/16SSProf. Wing Hong CHUIDiscovering Criminological Theory via Experiential Simulation and E-learning (6000560)TDG
2015/16EFDr. Guannan LUOActive Learning and Creative Thinking about the Housing Market in Hong Kong (6000562)TSG
2015/16MBEDr. Lidai WANGTracing and steering photon in biological tissue: a discovery enriched learning experience (6000563)TSG
2015/16BMSDr. Wenjun XIONGTraining the Next Generation of Biomedical Scientists with Hands-on Laboratories on Bio-image Data Analysis (6000564)TSG
2015/16APDr. Xin WANGTeaching-as-Research in Modern Physics (6000567)TSG
2015/16SLWDr. Andra LE ROUX-KEMPStrengthening Legal Education at CityU: A Jurisprudential Approach (6000568)TSG
2015/16CSDr. Ted Chi Yin CHOWAn Online Group Formation, Meeting Scheduling, and Peer Review Platform for Project-based Courses (6000569)TDG
2015/16POLDr. Paul HIGGINSExpanding class sizes: transformative innovations in the student learning experience (6000571)TDG
2015/16SEEDr. Walid DAOUDEnhancing students learning experience through integrated discovery-based group activities and continuous evaluation (6000572)TDG
2015/16SSDr. Jessica Chi Mei LIEnhancement of Learning Experience in the Teaching of Large Classes-DEC Learning for Crime Prevention (SS3221) or Policing (SS4303) (6000576)TDG
2016/17LTProf. Meichun LIUExploring the Unexplained: how to make sense of Chinese and English (6000578)TSG
2016/17CSDr. Ka Chun WONGEducation Software Development of Cloud System for Teaching Human Genomes (6000579)TSG
2016/17BMSDr. Jiahai SHIVisualization improves practical in hematology core courses (6000580)TSG
2016/17MBEDr. Alice HUNuclear reactor severe accident visualization: safety-oriented project development based on DesignEP simulation platform (6000581)TSG
2016/17BMSDr. Mingliang HETeaching Videos for Laboratory Technology of Course Medical Virology for students Enrolled in BMS and non-BMS programs (6000582)TSG
2016/17BMSDr. Youngjin LEE, MayApplication of virtual laboratory tools in the teaching of Biomedical Sciences (6000583)TSG
2016/17MBEDr. Pakpong CHIRARATTANANONHands-On Robotics: Design, Fabricate, and Control of Next Generation Robots (6000584)TSG
2016/17SSDr. Kit Ying CHANTeaching Students Basic Programming Skills for Building Psychological Experiments through Online Learning Modules (6000585)TSG
2016/17MSDr. Zhankun SUN KevinPromoting Practice-Based Learning in Gateway Education Class (6000586)TSG
2016/17BMSDr. Yuet Ming CHIN RebeccaMicrobe detectives: Inspiring the next generation biologists with an innovative investigation-based module. (6000587)TSG
2016/17BMSDr. Thi Nguyet Minh LELearning Medical Ethics by Interaction with Vietnamese Medical Students and Fieldtrips to Vietnam (6000588)TSG
2016/17SLWDr. Julia Louise TOMASSETTIEmployment Law: A Proposal for a New Course using Participatory Learning Methods (6000589)TSG
2016/17APDr. Abhijit PRAMANICKEnhancing intuitive and discovery-oriented learning of atomic structures in different materials (6000590)TSG
2016/17ACEDr. Xin LILearning through Comparison: A workshop-based teaching (6000591)TSG
2016/17BMSDr. Jin Young KIMAdvanced research experience for undergraduate students (6000592)TSG
2016/17BMSDr. Zongli ZHENGExploring uncultivable microbes surround us (6000593)TSG
2016/17BMSDr. Jianbo YUEDeveloping Critical Scientific Literature Review Skills in Students Enrolled in the Course of Cell Biology (6000594)TSG
2016/17SEEDr. Sam Hsien-Yi HSUThe development of solar power projects based on the analysis of photovoltaic devices (6000595)TSG
2016/17BMSDr. Xin WANGDevelopment of an integrative and interactive online platform for teaching of Bioinformatics-related courses (6000596)TSG
2016/17SSDr. Rebecca Wing Yee WONGStriving for a Sustainable Environment: Innovative Approaches in Tackling Crimes against the Environmnet (6000597)TSG
2016/17BMSDr. Sungchil YANGFabrication of a 3 dimensional brain puzzle and its application to teaching and research (6000598)TSG
2016/17SSDr. Man Yee HOUsing mobile phone application and unique experience to enhance social worker students' creativity (6000599)TSG
2016/17BMSDr. Chun Yue LAUActive learning of neuroanatomy via 3D reconstruction of the brain (6000600)TSG
2016/17LTDr. BO LITurn the Vicious Cycle into the Virtuous Cycle: Theme-based Mock-conference Internet-based Interaction Approach for Interpreting Courses (6000601)TSG
2016/17BCHDr. Chun Kit KWOKEnhancing learning experience and critical analysis towards scientific literature (6000602)TSG
2016/17BCHDr. Chun Yuen WONGLearning experimental techniques in chemistry through making cosmetics (6000603)TDG
2016/17MBEDr. Yang LU“Learning from Nature”: 3D printing of bamboo’s hierarchical structure (6000604)TDG
2016/17BSTDr. Caroline CHANEnhancing Co-assessment of Presentations by Peers (CAPP) system using smartphones (6000608)TDG
2016/17SCMMr. Tobias KleinSkunkworks II Learning Resources for Digital Manufacturing and the Use of Reactive Materials in Art and Design (6000609)TDG
2016/17SLWDr. Rebecca ONGStandardized client method as a means of enriching skills-based courses (6000611)TDG
2016/17MBEDr. Kannie Wai Yan CHANImaging cells in live animal – a discovery learning in biomedical imaging (6000612)TDG
2016/17MBEDr. Raymond Hiu-Wai LAMInvention of Integrated Mechanical Systems by CityU undergraduates (6000613)TDG
2016/17APDr. Chunyi ZHIA discovery-enriched curriculum on polymers and polymer composites through hierarchical structured on-line laboratory mini-projects (6000614)TDG
2016/17APDr. Jun FANDiscovery inspired interactive learning and teaching General Physics to students major in biology (6000615)TDG
2016/17ENDr. Jeffrey Lang MATHERHong Kong in Transit: A Web-Based Platform for Student Travel Writing (6000619)TDG
2016/17SSDr. Andus Wing-Kuen WONGEnhancing students’ English-language test performance through stress re-appraisal (6000620)TDG
2016/17SCMDr. Kening ZHUArtelectro: A Data-driven Interactive Platform for Young Artists to Learn Physical Computing (6000623)TDG
2016/17SSDr. Esther CHOWUse of Storytelling to enhance the Teaching and Learning of SS3280/SS5212 Human Behaviour and Social Environment/Diversity (6000625)TDG
2017/18PHYDr. Xin WANGPhysics meets medicine: new approach of teaching modern physics to biologists (6000627)TDG
2017/18ENDr. Carl Jon Way NGTowards Critical Voices: Taking Socio-discursive Discoveries to the Community (6000629)TDG
2017/18PHYProf. Rui Qin ZHANGAchieving Discovery-Enriched Curriculum in Quantum Physics Teaching With the Aids of Computer Demonstrations and Simulations (6000630)TDG
2017/18SLWMr John Alexander Stephen BURKETrial Advocacy and Criminal Justice (6000631)TDG
2017/18MBEDr. Ting Hsuan CHENPrototyping biomedical devices: an journey from idea initiative to commercial products (6000632)TDG
2017/18CSDr. Chi Yin CHOWA Group Recommender System for Students (6000635)TDG
2017/18CHEMDr Peggy Lo Pik KWANCorrecting the misinterpretation of DNA from chemistry students by interactive
 teaching and learning platform (6000638)
2017/18SCMDr. Kening ZHUCodeWatch: A Few-To-Many Real-Time Tutoring System for Massive Introductory Creative-Coding Classes (6000639)TDG
2017/18CHEMDr. Hajime HIRAODevelopment of Visualization-Oriented Physical Chemistry Courses (6000642)TSG
2017/18BMSDr. Liang ZHANGMonitoring transformation of cancer cells: a discovery-enriched teaching platform (6000643)TSG
2017/18SEEDr. Lin ZHANGIntegrated engagement for interdisciplinary course learning (6000644)TSG
2017/18ACEDr. Gianni TALAMINIAestimator ludens: innovative game-centered approach to teaching (6000645)TSG
2017/18COMDr. Ki Joon KIMRole of interactive digital technology in “Read/Only” versus “Read/Write” cultures (6000646)TSG
2017/18PHYDr. Shubo WANGLearning through design and simulation: an active way of teaching electromagnetic courses (6000649)TSG
2017/18SEEDr. Shauhrat Singh CHOPRAIntegrating Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Practical Training in SEE Undergraduate Curriculum (6000650)TSG
2017/18ENDr. Klaudia LEELiterary Studies beyond the Classroom: A Web-Based Platform for Students’ Literary Creative Projects (6000652)TDG
2017/18SSProf. Alice Ming Lin CHONGPromoting Critical and Innovative Thinking Ability in Ageing Policies in Hong Kong and Other Ageing Societies: the Application of the Design Thinking Model (6000655)TDG
2017/18ACEDr. Kostas SENETAKISA “geology trip” to Mars: Enhancing teaching activities of geotechnical engineering on a discovery-oriented platform (6000657)TDG
2017/18CSDr. Chee Wei TANAI Chatbot for Student Assessment of Computer Science Courses (6000659)TDG
2017/18MBEDr. Chung TINHackathon in healthcare innovation for biomedical engineering students (6000661)TDG
2017/18SEEMDr. Hongyi SUNThe TIPE model for teaching patent and technology-based entrepreneurship (6000662)TDG
2017/18BMSDr. Temy Mo Yin MOKHuman Anatomy Learning Goes 3-D (6000663)TDG
2017/18BMSDr. Terrence Chi Kong LAUDiscovering bacterial profile on CityU campus (6000664)TDG
2017/18SCMDr. Ayoung SUHCreating Interactive Infographics: The Integration of Data Science and Creative Expression (6000666)TDG
2017/18SCMMr. Derwin Scott HESSELSThe Overview Effect (6000667)TDG
2017/18SLWDr. Daniel PASCOEAn Evidence-Based Approach to the Criminal Law Syllabus in Hong Kong (6000668)TDG
2018/19CHEMDr. Thuc Hue LYLearning Through Projects: Advanced Characterization Technique Training Using the World’s Thinnest Material (6000669)TSG
2018/19POLDr. Wanxin LIIncorporating citizen science into environmental studies for non-science oriented students (6000670)TDG
2018/19SCMMr. Derwin Scott HESSELSResearch-Creation in Creative Media (6000671)TDG
2018/19BSTDr. Jackson KONGIntegrating e-learning, physical models, 3-D printing and the pedagogy of flipped classroom for enhancing large-class teaching and learning effectiveness in mechanics (6000673)TDG
2018/19LTProf. Meichun LIUThe IDEAL Research Model for Linguistic Inquiry: a DEC-based, interactive and innovative guide (6000674)TDG
2018/19SEEDr. Chunhua LIUElectrical Power Analysis of Power Generation, Conversion and Utilization with Engineer Aspects and Tools (6000675)TDG
2018/19MNEDr. Zhengbao YANGDeveloping an Effective Course-project System for Promoting Student’s Learning Experience in Green-related Courses (6000676)TSG
2018/19CAHDr. Vivian Pui Yin LEEKowloon City Themed Walking Trail: a community project for Cultural Heritage majors,BA Chinese and History (6000677)TDG
2018/19ELCMs. Tiffany Tsz Yin PANGMaximizing students’ discovery in research presentation: The development of a student research showcase and an e-learning website (6000678)TDG
2018/19BMSDr. Chi Him Eddie MADiscovery-based learning in life sciences using molecular biology techniques and super-resolution confocal imaging system (6000680)TDG
2018/19SSDr. Heng Choon Oliver CHAN“Learning by Doing”: Experiential Learning of Local Hong Kong Crime Cases for DEC- oriented Teaching and Learning of Criminology Courses (6000681)TDG
2018/19BSTDr. Wing Tak Arthur LEUNGDynamic interactions for lectures, field works and assessments using the “InterAct” platform (6000683)TDG
2018/19BSTDr. Tak Wa Caroline CHANVocab Learning by Imagery (iVL) – An interactive web-based platform to assist Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) students in learning technical vocabularies through imagery (6000684)TDG
2018/19ACEDr. Xiaowei LUOA new multi-level knowledge mastery assessment system for construction safety education: development and deployment at CityU (6000687)TDG
2018/19MSEDr. Abhijit PRAMANICKDiscovery oriented learning of processing-structure-property relations in real-world materials through 3-D printed models and accompanying laboratory sessions (6000688)TDG
2018/19CHEMDr. Kai Chung LAUPerforming Experiments with Mobile Devices - Synergistic Discovery Learning for Science Students (6000689)TDG
2018/19EEDr. Yixuan YUANDevelopment of a Unified Deep Learning Platform for Teaching Image-related Courses (6000690)TSG
2018/19ENDr. Eric SANDBERGExtending the Literature Classroom: Creating Space for Student Discovery (6000691)TSG
2018/19BMSDr. Xin DENGDiscovering Invisible Friends or Enemies: Developing Innovative Practical on Microbiome in Veterinary Microbiology (6000693)TSG
2019/20SSDr. Hui Fang CHENBuddha-like youngsters in Hong Kong: DEC-oriented learning and teaching in a GE course (6000696)TDG
2019/20MSEDr. Chung Yin Johnny HOWhen materials engineers meet computer programmers: a new experience for practical engineering training (6000698)TDG
2019/20ACEDr. Jung In KIMIntegration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies for construction engineering education in
Hong Kong: towards a discovery-enriched curriculum (6000703)
2019/20CSDr. Linqi SONGUnmanned Aerial Vehicle Platform to Enhance the Learning of Artificial Intelligence (6000706)TSG
2019/20CAHDr. Lik Hang TSUIRediscovering Chinese History through Data: Incorporating Digital Humanities Pedagogy into Data-Driven Learning of Chinese History (6000707)TSG
2019/20SCMDr. Can LIUSolving Real Problems with Design Thinking: Connecting Students with NGOs and Companies (6000709)TSG
2019/20CSDr. Chee Wei TANLearning Artificial Intelligence in General Gateway Courses using AI Chatbot (6000710)TDG
2019/20CHEMDr. Chun Kit KWOKDiscovery-based learning in nucleic acid research using innovative and interactive teaching methodology (6000711)TDG
2019/20CHEMDr. Yun Wah LAMIntroducing a narrative of discovery to a course on advanced biological techniques: turning the classroom into a biotech start-up (6000712)TDG
2019/20BMSDr. Chi Kong Terrence LAUUnraveling the microbiome profile on CityU campus (6000715)TDG
2019/20SEEDr. Jin SHANGProviding solution to mitigation of criteria air pollutants via cooperative learning (6000716)TDG
2019/20BMEDr. Pakpong CHIRARATTANANONLearning from disruptions: an integrative approach to enhance classrooms (6000717)TDG
2019/20BMEDr. Ting-Hsuan CHENDevelopment of Biomedical Devices through Continuous Experiential Learning for Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP) (6000720)TDG
2019/20POLDr. Yung YAUImmersive Virtual Reality Site Visits for Teaching and Learning of Building Technology (6000721)TDG
2019/20SSDr Tina Louisa ROCHELLEUsing virtual reality (VR) and eye-tracking to develop students’ awareness of the influence of gender on attentional bias (6000722)TDG
2019/20PHYDr. Liang DAIDesigning a Graphic and Interactive Web Platform to Promote the Effective Learning of Radiation Biophysics (6000723)TSG
2019/20CSDr. Jing LIAOAutomatic SQL Excise and Evaluations System for Database-Related Courses (6000724)TSG
2019/20LTMr Kenneth Kim Lung AUBridging the gap: Translation practice and theory in the workplace (6000725)TSG
2019/20ACEDr. Paulina Maria NEISCHInnovation in Teaching and Learning Methods: Using Hologram Models in the Real World for Connecting Inputs to Outputs in Architectural Design Studio Education (6000726)TSG
2019/20ACEDr. Louie SIEHCreation in Discovery: ‘The Design Research Project’ as an alternative scholarly paradigm to classic research teaching in undergraduate architectural education (6000727)TSG
2019/20MSEDr. Dangyuan LEIDeveloping a flipped-classroom and problem-solving based innovative Materials Science and Engineering course (6000728)TSG
2019/20BMEDr. Bee Luan KHOOStudent-led learning: Introducing Microfluidics through a Problem-Based Laboratory Course (6000729)TSG
2020/21BMEDr. Chenjie XUExploring a Team-Based Learning Approach for a Biomaterials course in the post-pandemic era (6000730)TSG
2020/21SCMDr. Mike Kin-Ming WONGNext-level Creative Coding with Shader Programming (6000731)TSG
2020/21SCMDr. Elena SHERSTOBOEVANew Approach to Teaching Law at Creative Media and Art Schools (6000732)TSG
2020/21MNEDr. Jun LIUDevelopment of an augmented reality human-machine interface for promoting student’s engagement in robotics and control related courses (6000733)TSG
2020/21CSDr Peter ROBINSONAn interactive web application to promote effective learning of computer networking concepts (6000734)TSG
2020/21COMDr. Ki Joon KIMInteracting Socially with Artificial Intelligence: Learning to Code, Communicate, and Collaborate with a Smart Robot (6000735)TDG
2020/21ACEProf. Jane Weizhen LUDeveloping a multisensory feedback system in immersive virtual reality for construction safety education (6000738)TDG
2020/21BMEDr. Wai Chiu King LAILearning Artificial Intelligence through Cloud-based Interactive Platforms (6000741)TDG
2020/21LTDr. Xiu YANIntegrating audio description training into interpreting classes: Research and practice (6000744)TDG
2020/21SSProf. Tit Wing LOProject Bridge (6000745)TDG
2020/21SSDr. Bonnie Wing Yin CHOWDeveloping an online multi-modal research methods training: A way to help students overcome challenges in understanding and designing research (6000746)TDG
2020/21ISDr. Alvin Chung Man LEUNGBlockchain for Peer-Assisted Learning (6000749)TDG
2020/21CHEMDr. LY Thuc HUELearning Through Projects (II): Remote lab through home projects (6000758)TDG
2020/21ENDr Klaudia LEEDevelop analytical and interpretative skills of literature through creative and critical collaborative learning practices (6000759)TDG
2020/21MNEDr. Alice HUDevelopment and implement mentorship program with The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers nuclear division into MNE3107 (6000760)TDG
2020/21SEEDr. Wei WULearning building decarbonization technologies incorporating daily life experiences (6000762)TDG
2020/21SEEDr. Alicia Kyoungjin ANDiscovery-based Learning using interactive hands-on methods for engineering innovative water treatments (6000764)TDG
2020/21MNEDr. Zhengbao YANGDesign and Development of Teaching and Demo Materials about the Sputtering Facbrication Technology and Thin Film Devices (6000765)TDG
2020/21SEEDr. Yau Wai Denis YUDeveloping short educational videos and a student video project to enhance physical and online teaching (6000766)TDG
2020/21POLDr. Liang DONGFrom urban studies course to smart city knowledge hub: Developing innovative and interactive hybrid virtual teaching and learning (VTL) mode with international collaboration (6000767)TDG
2020/21PHYDr. Danfeng LIResearch-Oriented Designer Advanced Instrumentation Lab Course (6000772)TSG
2020/21PHYDr. Junzhang MAIntroducing Large Equipment into Modern Physics Teaching with Mixed Reality (6000773)TSG
2021/22LTDr. Wai Sum LEEThe use of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for pronouncing the sounds of languages (6000775)TDG
2021/22SCMDr. Alvaro CASSINELLISimulating one-on-one teaching in large online lectures with the thousand faces avatar (6000778)TDG
2021/22ACEProf. Qiusheng LICues-enabled instructional videos of construction methods and technologies to enhance students' learning (6000782)TDG
2021/22SCMDr. Damien CHARRIERASLeveraging blockchain technologies for interactive narration and world building (6000783)TDG
2021/22SEEDr. Chunhua LIUInteractive Learning and Hands-on Electromagnetic Principles and Rules for Energy Engineering Students (6000784)TDG
2021/22SEEDr. Wanxin LIIntegrating scientific reasoning and deliberation in pursuing urban sustainability in Hong Kong (6000785)TDG
2021/22BMEDr. Jiachen ZHANGDeveloping students’ ability to understand, employ, and improve state-of-the-art robotic systems for minimally invasive healthcare in the peri- and post-pandemic eras (6000786)TSG
2021/22SCMDr. Per Magnus LINDBORGA hardware-software toolkit for exploring and learning spatial sound (6000788)TSG
2021/22MNEDr. Wei WANGDevelopment of a learning resources repository for helping students understand professional and ethical responsibility for risk assessment (6000789)TSG
2021/22SSDr. Anna HUI Features of undergraduate programs predicting positive impact on academic engagement and performance, core self-evaluation, study and learning strategies, and perceived holistic development (6000790)TDG
2021/22EEDr. Chaoqiang JIANGNovel Extended Vision for Undergraduate Education on Energy Engineering: New Breed Applications of Wireless Power Conversion (6000791)TDG
2021/22PHYDr. Condon LAUSTEM to healthcare: radiotherapy treatment planning for undergraduates (6000792)TDG
2021/22SEEDr. Ern Mei Theodora NAHDiscovery-based environmental engineering education in indoor air pollution: Implementation of a project-based, hands-on, cooperative learning experience through student-led indoor air quality projects (6000793)TDG
2021/22BSTDr. Kung Wing Andy, NGExploring innovative building technology for smart city and development of virtual smart building model addressing local living lifestyle using “ExpLife” (6000794)TDG
2021/22ACEDr. Louie SIEH The Right Thing? Serious games for developing interdisciplinary interactive design thinking (6000795)TDG
2021/22CSDr. Jacky KEUNGInnovative Learning using Gamification to enhance Teaching and Learning Software Engineering (6000796)TDG
2021/22SSDr. Wing Kuen Andus WONGPositive psychology at the movies: Using movies to promote virtues and psychological well-being among university students (6000797)TDG
2021/22ENDr. Chit Cheung Matthew SUNGEnhancing Students’ Integrated Skills Through a Digital Sociolinguistic Research Project and Showcasing Students’ Discoveries Online to the Wider Community (6000798)TDG
2021/22MKTProf. Zhilin YANGRole-based Leaning in the Metaverse: Integrating Virtual Reality to Teaching Marketing (6000799)TDG
2021/22ACEProf. Wai Ming Eric LEEChallenge Based Learning (CBL) : Innovative Enhancement of PPE Design for Construction Workers - Ironman 1.0 (6000800)TDG
2021/22EEDr. Haoliang LIFighting Against Written Submission Cheating for Circuited Related Courses through Advanced Artificial Intelligence Algorithms (6000801)TSG
2021/22PHYDr. Yu CHAIDevelopment and implementation of AR-enabled 3D demonstrations in Advanced Physics (6000802)TSG
2021/22SCMDr. Ryo IKESHIRO Teaching practice-based research through Ambisonics (spatial audio) field recordings (6000803)TSG
2022/23PHYDr. Liang DAIDesigning and Printing 3D Objects to Facilitate the Teaching of Complex Structures in Soft Matter Physics (6000811)TDG
2022/23BMEDr. Chung TINGearing up BME students for Biomedical Instrumentation with more hands-on practice (6000812)TDG
2022/23MGTDr. Andrew CHANEnhancing Ways to Teach Social Responsibility, Ethics and Leadership to Millennials (6000813)TDG
2022/23SSDr. Xiaonan Nancy YUA meaning-oriented intervention to enhance effective adjustment to the daily and COVID-related stressors among psychology undergraduates (6000814)TDG
2022/23BMEDr. Lu LIUDiscovery-based education in system modeling and control: Integrating interactive learning and real-scene operations to inspire new scientific innovations (6000815)TDG
2022/23COMProf. Fui-Hoon Fiona NAHMEDIACITY - A metaverse space for learning media and information literacy with computational thinking (6000816)TDG
2022/23BMEDr. Bee Luan KHOOThrough the looking glass: identifying cells through fluorescence labelling (6000817)TDG
2022/23ACEDr. Gianni TALAMINI Urban puzzle - Digital manufacturing of learning resources for a game-centred approach to urban design and regional planning (6000818)TDG
2022/23PHDr Akos KENEZ Digital Learning Environment for Generation Z Students in Veterinary Problem-Based Learning (6000819)TDG
2022/23ACEDr. Jian Feng Jeff WANGEngagement of CityU Alumni Patented Project with Current ACE students: Learning Rapid & Sustainable Construction of Bamboo MiC Elderly Accommodation in Metaverse (6000820)TDG
2022/23ACDr. Kelvin Kwok Shing YEUNGData Analytics in Accounting Education: An Integrated Approach (6000821)TSG
2022/23PHYDr. Haixing LIConnecting conceptual ideas to real-world applications for modernizing an undergraduate general physics curriculum (6000822)TSG