OBTL Outcomes Based Teaching & Learning for Students

Outcomes Based Teaching and Learning

CityU has embarked on a plan to implement Outcomes Based Teaching & Learning (OBTL) in all its academic programmes since 2006. It is in the process of fine tuning the curriculum of every course and programme into an outcome-based approach in which the focus of teaching is on requiring and enabling students to achieve intended learning outcomes.

What is OBTL

OBTL is a student-centred approach for the delivery of educational programmes. The curriculum topics in a programme and courses are expressed clearly as the intended outcomes for you to achieve. Teaching is then designed to directly facilitate you to achieve those outcomes. Assessment tasks address what you are supposed to learn and achieve as well. In this approach, teachers act as facilitators, and you should take responsibility and participate actively. [ Read more ]

Online OBTL Guide for Students

The online student guide for OBTL is intended to provide a basic introduction to the concepts of OBTL and is designed to help you comprehend, with the help of examples, what are Action Verbs, Teaching and Learning Activities, and Assessment Tasks. 

CityU's Graduate Outcomes

The ultimate aim is to enable everyone of our students to become a competent professional who combines rich professional knowledge with the broader skills and poise required for career success and leadership in the community.  [ Read more ]