PALSI - Peer-Assisted Learning scheme using Supplemental Instruction


What is PALSI?

PALSI aims at enhancing students' understanding in course materials and improve students' overall learning and reasoning skills. Regularly scheduled, out-of-class and peer-facilitated review sessions are open to all students taking the PALSI courses.

As PALSI is a course-based learning initiative, senior students who have performed well in the department core courses are invited to be PALSI Leaders. They meet with junior students (called PALSI Students) studying in the same course to discuss academic work and share tips on effective learning strategies.

Why should you join PALSI?

The transition from secondary school education to university study is challenging. You have to adapt to different learning modes and environments. PALSI is an academic support initiative that targets who want to get better grade in their courses, especially for Year One students. Let us help you improve on the GPA (Grade Points Average).

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

On graduation, you are expected to achieve the Graduate Outcomes.

Aligned with the Graduate Outcomes, the ILOs for PALSI were developed. Upon completion of PALSI, you will be able to:

  • identify their own learning needs & interests
  • explain the expectations and outcomes of the course
  • develop an active and reflective attitude for learning
  • apply effective learning strategies and skills for university study
  • collaborate with other learning partners to learn more effectively
  • identify opportunities for  discovery and innovation

For enquiry of PALSI issues (PALSI Leaders & PALSI Students)

Please contact via email