Cross-Institutional General/Gateway Education (GE) Course Enrollment Scheme for Undergraduate Students

Cross-Institutional GE

What's New

It is agreed since 2011 between City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and Hong Kong Baptist University (BaptistU) that cross-institutional General/Gateway Education (GE) course enrollment be implemented. Both parties shall, on the basis of reciprocity, support and promote undergraduate students to gain access to each other’s General/Gateway Education (GE) courses.  The scheme allows students to enroll in GE courses offered by both institutions, benefitting from each other’s expertise. All full-time UGC-funded undergraduates of the 4-Year curriculum of BaptistU and CityU are eligible to apply. Each institution will reserve 100 seats for use by the partner institution in any academic year, capping the maximum number of student cross-registering in each semester to 50 (on first-come-first-served basis).  Interested students please read the relevant information and submit application for course enrollment according to the procedures and deadline as specified below.

Guidelines Governing the Cross-Institutional GE Course Enrollment Scheme for Undergraduate Students


  1. An agreement has been made between City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University to allow their Undergraduate Students to enroll in courses offered by both institutions. This Provision, effective from September 2015, will help enlarge the pool of courses for selection and allows students to gain access to other institutions' expertise.

General Principles

  1. Students who wish to apply for courses offered by both institutions should submit an application to the host institution via their home institution before the course starts. The application should be accompanied by the endorsement of their home institution.

  2. Acceptance of the student is at the discretion of the host institution, taking into account its quota availability and other relevant factors.  Course quotas will normally be assigned with priority to students of the host institution. They will be available to students of the partner institution for enrollment should there be any quota remained.

  3. Students admitted to a course will be officially registered as a visiting student at the host institution and are required to participate fully in the course, which includes completion of coursework and examinations, if applicable.

  4. If students admitted to a course and cannot sit for the examination of the home institution since it clashes with the examination in the host institution, the home institution should provide invigilation of the make-up examination of their own course, if any, for the students affected.

  5. Grades will be given to students at the end of a course, and a transcript will be sent to the home institution. To comply with the requirement of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, the consent of students for the release of their course results to their home institution will be sought during the course application stage.

  6. The decision as to how the grades should be used and whether credit transfer will be granted is at the sole discretion of the home institution.

  7. Waiver of fees will be granted to such students.

Incoming Hong Kong Baptist University Students

  1. The Talent and Education Development Office will forward applications for course enrolment from Hong Kong Baptist University Students for approval by the department offering the course and inform students of the application results accordingly.

  2. If admitted to a course, such students will be formally registered with CityU as “UGC-Visiting Students”.

  3. They will not be registered in a specific programme of study or attached to a specific academic department. Their study at CityU will not lead to a degree or other awards from CityU.

  4. Requests for withdrawal from a course should be submitted by the University’s course add/drop deadline. Late applications will not normally be entertained.

  5. Such students should observe the rules and regulations prescribed by CityU.

  6. Such students are not entitled to any financial awards or assistance offered by CityU.

  7. Such students can access the library and borrow books using the JULAC card. All regulations governing JULAC card holders will apply to these students, who are only entitled to use those library facilities available to JULAC card holders.

  8. Apart from the library, they are not entitled to use other University’s facilities and services, including computing, sports, medical and dental. Despite the above, they can still make special requests to access the University’s computing facilities and services via the Talent and Education Development Office if so required by the courses they are taking.

  9. Upon completion of a course, such students and their home institution will be informed by the Talent and Education Development Office of the course result accordingly.

  10. Such students can apply for a transcript summarising the results of all the courses taken at the University.

Outgoing CityU Students

  1. CityU students who wish to apply for courses offered by Hong Kong Baptist University should complete an application form and forward the form to the Talent and Education Development Office, with the endorsement of their supervisor and department head, for onward transmission to the host institution for consideration.

  2. During their study at another institution, CityU students should continue to observe the University’s rules and regulations.

  3. Credits gained can be counted as fulfilling the University’s requirements for degree studies, unless otherwise specified by the department, college/school. Transfer credits do not count in the calculation of students’ GPA.

Timeline & Important Dates (Semester 2/B 2022/23)

Host Institution Application Period Release of Results Classes Begin Course Drop Deadline Semester Ends
HKBU 22 Nov - 2 Dec 2022 14 Dec 2022 9 Jan 2023 20 Jan 2023 15 Jun 2023
CityU 22 Nov - 2 Dec 2022
6 Dec - 13 Dec 2022
3 Jan 2023 9 Jan 2023 4pm, 16 Jan 2023 3 Jun 2023