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Dr Peter Ho Ka-nam

Dr Peter Ho Ka-nam, a successful industrialist in Hong Kong, commenced his close relationship with CityU after he sought the University’s assistance in testing material coatings for his company. He was deeply impressed by CityU’s technological strength and dedicated faculty.

Dr Peter Ho Ka-nam
Managing Director, Techworld Industries Ltd.
Court Member, CityU
Engineering Doctorate (Engineering Management), CityU

Dr Ho then studied for a master’s degree in engineering management at CityU with 25 of his engineers and managers, sponsoring half of their tuition fees. He earned his doctoral degree in engineering management from CityU in 2012.

“Universities have to understand the needs of the community in terms of personnel requirements, and then fully exploit the available resources,” he said. “I want to act as a bridge between CityU and industry by promoting the University’s research achievements and helping CityU know more about the needs of industry. Together, we can harness the power of science and technology for the betterment of the world.”

With a strong belief that the future of the industrial sector should be driven by scientific research, Dr Ho applied his technical knowledge to his work in Hong Kong after he completed his engineering degree in Canada. With his sharp sense for marketing and outstanding leadership, he established Kwonnie Electrical Products Ltd with his partners in the early 1980s. In 2006, he left the company to take over the helm at Techworld Industries Ltd, which produces quality chargers and power supply systems, and has won numerous awards and patents.

As a staunch supporter of CityU, Dr Ho has made significant contributions to the advancement of his alma mater. Not only has he donated generously to fund initiatives at CityU, such as scholarships and a student entrepreneurship scheme, he has also provided students with ample internship opportunities through the Industrial Attachment Scheme and helped CityU to commercialise its research achievements. In 2010, Dr Ho founded the CityU Eminence Society together with other senior alumni. As the Founding Chairman, he hopes that the Eminence Society can unite CityU’s alumni and elites from all walks of life to support the long-term development of the University for the benefit of society.

In recognition of his significant contributions, Dr Ho was conferred Honorary Fellow in 2009 and the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2014. In appreciation of his generous donations, two lecture theatres have been named as “Peter Ho Lecture Theatre” and “Mr and Mrs Ho Chun Hung Lecture Theatre” after him and his parents, respectively.

Dr Ho has been dedicated to serving his alma mater. During his term as a member of the Council from 2016 to 2021, the University has greatly benefited from his valuable advice and support. Over the years, Dr Ho has maintained strong ties with CityU. He is currently a member of the Court, member of the Board of Governors and Honorary President of CityU Foundation.

Dr Ho is delighted and proud to be a graduate of CityU. People around him are always deeply impressed by his long association, true sense of belonging and passion for his alma mater.

“Education is an important investment for society,” Dr Ho said. “I will continue to work closely with our CityU community to boost the advancement of both the University and society.

Dr Peter Ho Ka-nam

  • Managing Director, Techworld Industries Ltd.
  • Chairman, Million Rainbow Investments Ltd.
  • Member, CityU Court
  • Member, Board of Governors and Honorary President, CityU Foundation
  • Founding Chairman, CityU Eminence Society
  • Patron, CityU Business and Industrial Club
  • External Director, CityU Research Limited
  • Member, CityU Council (2016–2021)
  • Recipient, Distinguished Alumni Award, CityU (2014)
  • Honorary Fellow, CityU (2009)

This article is extracted from CityU Today.


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