The Tung Foundation fosters interdisciplinary biomedical research at CityU

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Dr Chee-chen Tung, GBS, SBS, JP The Tung Foundation

Established in 1979 by the late Mr Chao-yung Tung, who was highly enthusiastic about youth and community activities, in particular for cultural, artistic and educational causes, The Tung Foundation is a charitable organisation committed to supporting social, cultural, educational and medical activities and programmes in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas.

Dr Chee-chen Tung, GBS, SBS, JP
The Tung Foundation

Recently, The Tung Foundation has contributed to the University with a generous donation in support of the establishment of a biomedical sciences centre and research initiatives in biomedical sciences. In appreciation of the Foundation’s staunch support, the newly established “Tung Biomedical Sciences Centre” at CityUHK has been named in honour of the Foundation.

Comprising faculty members from various disciplines, the Tung Biomedical Sciences Centre (the Centre) serves as an interdisciplinary research and education hub dedicated to the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for the prediction, prevention and treatment of cancers, neurodegeneration and infectious diseases.

Dr Chee-chen Tung, GBS, SBS, JP, from the Foundation, endorses the collaborative approach of the Centre and its emphasis on biomedical sciences, nanotechnology, neuroscience, engineering, and infectious diseases. “Nowadays, cross-fertilisation and cross-functional cooperation are perhaps the most critical drivers for success. CityUHK’s focus on research in recent years has brought about tangible results, whether in recruiting quality faculty, the international recognition for the University’s research achievements, or the continued development of specific schools in areas such as veterinary medicine and life sciences,” Dr Tung says.

President Way Kuo deeply appreciates the generous contribution of the Foundation. “I am certain that the Tung Biomedical Sciences Centre will strengthen CityUHK’s capability to develop and integrate translational research collaboration and communication for all health-related issues. Thanks to the Foundation’s unwavering support, the Centre not only helps promote public health and the well-being of humankind with state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch researchers, it also contributes to the knowledge-based economies of Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and beyond,” President Kuo says.

Dr Tung extends good wishes to CityUHK and the Centre. “My family and I are honoured to be playing a part in the research endeavour of the University, contributing to the betterment of society. I very much hope that the Tung Biomedical Sciences Centre will be part of the University’s success story,” Dr Tung says.

The Tung Foundation is the Honorary Patron of the CityUHK Foundation. This donation is a leadership gift supporting the comprehensive fundraising campaign “United, We Soar”, which aims to strengthen the University’s rapport with friends, donors and supporters, bolster and sustain fundraising support for the University’s development, and showcase CityUHK’s outstanding achievements over the years.

This article is extracted from CityUHK Today.


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