Seizing opportunities to help the world

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Miss Lo Po-man

“Anyone can be a hero, as long as you have a kind heart and a true mission.” This is the message that Miss Lo Po-man would like to convey through her edutainment brand Bodhi and Friends.

Miss Lo Po-man
Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, Regal Hotels International Holdings Limited

Miss Lo created Bodhi and Friends with a mission to promote positive values and character development among children via animation and interactive content. In just a few years Bodhi and Friends has become a well-known brand in China and the animated TV series have gained top viewing figures on leading channels including China Central Television (CCTV).

“I have always wanted to contribute to children’s psychological health,” Miss Lo said. “By instilling positive values through stories, I hope to empower children with a sense of mission and help them find a clear direction in life so that they can bravely thrive on future challenges.”

In addition to creating the brand, Miss Lo enjoys an enriched life. She is Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Regal Hotels International Holdings Limited and Vice-Chairman of Century City International Holdings Limited. She established Bodhi Love Foundation to promote loving kindness and animal welfare and to provide underprivileged children with access to quality education and healthcare.

Despite her busy schedule, Miss Lo squeezes her time to serve as a member of the Court and Council of City University of Hong Kong (CityU), and as Honorary Vice-President of the CityU Foundation.

She is motivated by a strong belief in CityU’s mission. “I am certain that the Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences will become the best veterinary medicine college in Asia,” Miss Lo affirmed. As a dog lover, she said that the professional veterinarians trained at CityU would not only treat pets but would also contribute to society in areas such as zoonotic diseases and food safety.

Awarded a four-year Angier B. Duke Scholarship at the age of 15, Miss Lo earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with first-class honours from Duke University in the US at the age of 19. She was the first recipient of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) awards for Outstanding Young Person of the World and Hong Kong, and Outstanding Student in Hong Kong.

Her parents are the most important mentors in her life. “They have taught me how to deal with matters not only with words but also through deeds. My father would calmly tackle difficult problems, while my mother often helps other people with her kind heart.”

A devoted Buddhist, Miss Lo embraces an active attitude towards creating maximum meaning in life. “According to the Buddhist philosophy of karma, your present condition is shaped by your past actions and your future is determined by what you do today. Therefore we should seize every opportunity to perform positive deeds and create a positive difference to the world.”

Miss Lo Po-man

  • Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, Regal Hotels International Holdings Limited
  • Vice-Chairman, Century City International Holdings Limited
  • CEO and Founder, Century Innovative Technology Limited and Bodhi and Friends
  • Founder, Bodhi Love Foundation
  • First Asian female to be awarded Business for Peace Award by Oslo Business For Peace Foundation (2015)
  • Awarded Outstanding Young Person Award of the World by Junior Chamber International (2014)
  • Council Member, CityU (2014 – 2019)
  • Court Member, CityU (2013 – 2019)
  • Honorary Vice-President, CityU Foundation

This article is extracted from CityU Today. 


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