Forms for Professional Doctorate Students (PD)

Form No. Subject Paper Form Online Form
  Change of Contact Information and Personal Data
SGS08 Withdrawal Notification  

Statement on the Extent of Research Collaboration

SGS10 Application for Academic Transcripts/Testimonials/Certified True Copies
SGS47 Application for Replacement of Student Identity Card for Research Degree and Professional Doctorate Students  
SGS51 Course Registration Form (For EngD Students Only)  
SGS52A Course Add/Drop Form (For EngD / JSD / JSDCJ Students Only)  
SGS52B Course Add/Drop Form (For DBA Students Only)  
SGS53 Application for Leave of Absence  
SGS54 Application for Credit Transfer  
SGS55 Notice of Submission of Thesis for Examination Arrangements  
SGS55A Certifying Form for Submission of Thesis for Examination    
SGS55R Certifying Form for Re-submission of Thesis for Re-assessment    
SGS56 Application for Reduced Study Load  
SGS57 Application for Undertaking LW8001/LW8703D Doctoral Thesis outside Hong Kong    

Application for Replacement Award Certificate (application form is available upon request)

Special Arrangement between 30 June 2022 and 5 September 2022:                                                        Due to the need to amend the award certificate template as a result of the change of the Chief Executive of the HKSAR on 1 July 2022, a longer processing time will be required for handling applications for replacement award certificates received between 30 June - 5 September 2022. For these applications, it is estimated that the replacement award certificate will be ready for collection in mid-October 2022. 

The processing time remains unchanged for duly completed applications with all the required documents and charges submitted on or before 29 June 2022. 

SGS61 Application for Intermediate Award for JSD and JSDCJ Programmes  
SGS62 Assessment on Annual Progress Report for Professional Doctorate Programme (SGS62)  
  Questionnaire for Students with Disabilities (for research degree and professional doctorate students)  
  For collection of award certificate    
  1. Sample Authorization Letter
  2. Name/Thesis Title Amendment Form

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Online Application
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