Replacement of Student Identity Card

In the event that your student identity card is lost/damaged or your legal name has been changed, please apply for a replacement card at the SGS Service Counter immediately.

If the lost card is found afterwards, you should inform the Service Counter and return the card for cancellation as soon as possible.  A student is not permitted to retain two student identity cards at the same time.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the application form and apply in person at the SGS Service Counter, together with the required fees payment.  Please also produce a valid legal proof of identity, e.g. Hong Kong identity card or passport for verification.
  2. For replacement of student identity card arising from change of name, the new card cannot be issued immediately at the SGS Service Counter.  Please allow 5 working days for the name change to be processed before the new card can be issued. 

Fees Chargeable 

Fees chargeable for each replacement card is HK$100 (non-refundable).