Academic Transcript

An academic transcript is an official academic record of a student's studies at the University, including grades assigned for courses. (Academic transcripts issued during examination/assessment period will only include course results and/or award classification processed and approved by Assessment Panels/Deans of Colleges/Schools.)

The University reserves the right to withhold issuance of an academic transcript to an applicant who has not paid fees/other monies owed to the University or who has failed to discharge all obligations towards the University, or upon the advice of the applicant's home academic unit.

How to Apply

Students may apply for academic transcripts online through AIMS, in person at the SGS Service Counter, or by post.

  1. Online through AIMS
    • For Current Students
      1. Login to AIMS with your EID and password.
      2. Select the Student Record menu.
      3. Click My Applications [for Undergraduate and Master's (Taught Postgraduate) Programmes], then choose  AcAcCAcademic Transcript.
      4. Fill in the form according to the instructions, pay online and press Confirm to submit your application.
      5. An email will be sent to your student account to acknowledge receipt of your application.
    • For Alumni
      1. Login to AIMS with your EID and password.
      2. Select the Alumni Services menu.
      3. Click Application for Academic Transcript [for Undergraduate and Master's (Taught Postgraduate) Programmes].
      4. Fill in the form according to the instructions, pay online and press Confirm to submit your application.
      5. An email will be sent to your alumni account to acknowledge receipt of your application.

Please allow 7 working days, excluding mail delivery time, for processing.


  • Do not click backspace or BACK button of the web browser, refresh/close the web browser or leave the web page anytime during the payment process, as your transaction might not be processed properly.
  • Do not submit duplicate applications. No application fee is refundable under any circumstances.

Notes on sending transcript to World Education Services (WES) via digital transmission method

  • Please input the 7-digit WES reference number in the box of Additional message from the student to the recipient when submitting online application through AIMS, you may request the printed transcript to be sent to another address.
  • Do not submit your request via email, it may not be entertained.
  • As advised by WES, please allow up to 10 business days for the update of the delivery status of the transmitted transcript. 
  1. By Post or In Person
    • For students on campus, please complete the application form and apply by post or in person at the SGS Service Counter, together with the original receipt of the required fees payment.  Students or their authorized representatives, who apply in person at the Service Counter, can normally collect the academic transcripts on the day they make the applications.  If the request is made by post, please allow 7 working days, excluding mail delivery time, for processing.
    • For non-local students, please apply online through AIMS or post the completed application forms, together with the original receipt of required fees payment to SGS (Master's Student Records).
  2. Applicants who want to have their academic transcripts sealed should indicate their requests in the application forms.  Sealing service will not be provided retrospectively for academic transcripts that have been collected by applicants.  It is the applicant's responsibility to put down an accurate and legible address on the envelope used for sealing the academic transcripts.  If additional documents are required to be sent with the academic transcripts, applicants should apply by post or in person.
  3. Academic transcripts sent by post will be by regular air mail for overseas recipients and ordinary mail for local recipients.  Additional postal fee will be required for registered mail.  The University will not be responsible for any mishandling of mail.  
  4. After applying by post or in person, applicants may authorize a third party to collect the academic transcripts on their behalf through AIMS or by signing an authorization letter. In this case, your authorized representative should present the following upon collection of the academic transcripts:
    • HKID Card/passport of your authorized representative
    • A photocopy of your CityUHK Student Identity Card/HKID Card/passport with your student number and programme code written on it (This document will be returned to your authorized representative after inspection.)
    • For authorization submitted through AIMS (following the steps here)
      • The email notification for your authorization
    • For written authorization
      • An authorization letter signed by you (letter template is available here)

Fees Chargeable

Fees chargeable including postage of local or regular air mail is HK$40 per copy for online applications and HK$60 per copy for paper form applications. An additional postal fee of HK$15.5 is required per recipient for academic transcripts sent by registered mail.