Cross-Institutional Course Enrolment Scheme

Information for CityUHK research students taking courses offered by other universities

Course Lists

Application Procedures and Details

  1. Students are required to fill out an online application form here.
  2. Students concerned will receive an email with the attachment of the filled application form and approval form. Please print the attached forms.
  3. Please submit the completed application form together with the approval form signed by supervisors to the Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies (SGS). 
  4. Students will be informed of the application result by the course offering university directly.
  5. Students can only take courses that are relevant to their research areas.
  6. Students enrolling in a course are required to participate fully in the course, which includes completion of coursework and examinations, if applicable.
  7. All the credits gained can be counted as fulfilling the University's coursework requirements for research degree studies unless otherwise specified by the department or school.
  8. Students who wish to drop/withdraw from the course should submit their request with justifications in writing to SGS. SGS will forward the request to the relevant university for processing.
# Remarks: For students applying for courses offered by The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, please fill in an e-form. Please refer to the websites of CUHK and HKUST for details.

Course Registration, Examination and Grade Results

  1. The course offering university will inform students of course registration and examination details.
  2. Grade result sheet/transcript will normally be sent to the student through SGS first. SGS will record the grade result obtained in the student record and forward the original grade result sheet/transcript to the students in due course.