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CityU's top students have been awarded scholarships, prizes and donations valued at more than $4 million for outstanding performances in academics, sports, art, and services last year.
As cost-conscious consumers, we are all deeply interested in knowing how far we can stretch our dollars-and whether we are getting value for all the money we are spending.
Hundreds of students packed CityU's Lecture Theatre 6 to attend a seminar on education by guest speaker Professor Steven N S Cheung, formerly of the University of Hong Kong, on 26 March.
If you think that teaching is the only thing teachers do these days, think again. Because one of the hottest and most challenging issues facing educators, particularly university professors and lecturers, is the task of motivating students to explore lifelong learning.
In a prominent display of its dedication to education at all levels, CityU rolled out the red carpet as principals from six local secondary schools were given an exclusive campus tour by Professor Y S Wong, Vice-President for Institutional Advancement.
Eighteen Student Ambassadors have been recruited this year to continue promoting the University's image while enhancing community relations through learning and serving. "They are not just representing our University--they are our University," said Professor Edmond Ko, Vice-President of Education and one of the programme advisors, at the fourth Student Ambassadors Inauguration Ceremony on 5 March.
Students enrolled in the Associate of Arts in English for Professional Communication were treated to an informative and entertaining talk last December by Mr Martin Clarke, Head of RTHK Radio 3. One of Mr Clarke's main contributions to Hong Kong society is the running of Operation Santa Claus, which has raised over $41 million for various charities over the past 12 years.
The ceremonial banging of a gong by CityU President Professor H K Chang and Professor Wang Gungwu heralded the official opening of Hong Kong's first formal institute dedicated to research on Southeast Asia on 27 February. Guests, including the Consuls-General of Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar, and the Deputy Commissioner of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, packed the SCOPE Lecture Theatre for the inauguration of the Southeast Asia Research Centre (SEARC).
"Raising our standards is our main goal, we're not trying to do anything fancy," declared Professor Roderick Wong, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE).
The "age wave" has already hit Hong Kong. Government statistics show that the population ratio of those who are aged 65 and above, currently 11%, will rise rapidly. The average life span will also be considerably extended. Most people will probably have 10 or even 20 more years to live after retirement, assuming the retiring age to be 60. These two demographic changes in combination are set to have a profound impact upon individuals, families and society.

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