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Ten distinguished writers and scholars from across the Strait and overseas tackled these questions at a symposium held 22-23 June entitled “Cultural Traditions and Chinese Creative Writing.
The "International Conference on Translation, Literature, and Cross-Cultural Understanding" co-sponsored by CityU's Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics and Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies was held on 22 and 23 April.
The Selection Committee of the University of Toronto's Alexander Lectures chose Zhang Longxi, Director of CityU's Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies, to deliver the Lectures under the theme "Textual Encounters/Cultural Encounters".
CityU's Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies held an international conference on pre-modern Asian and European law court cultures, 8-10 October.
Some of the world's leading experts on Islam from Australia, the US, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, the UK and Singapore joined Hong Kong scholars at City University from 28 November to 1 December 2002 for the first large-scale symposium on Islam held in Hong Kong and the first worldwide comparative discussion of Islam in Southeast Asia and China. "Islam in Southeast Asia and China
The first large-scale conference on Islam held in Hong Kong and the first worldwide comparative discussion of Islam in Southeast Asia and China was held at CityU from 28 November to 1 December.
The Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies played host to a two-day conference in September on China's deep and longstanding association Israel and Jewish people.
After three days of animated discussion during the international conference, the group of delegates went to Beijing , to visit Ricci ' s tomb and the Southern Cathedral, the first church built by Ricci in Beijing , in a tour led by CityU President Professor H K Chang and Professor Zhang LongXi, Director of the Centre for Cross-Cultual Studies.
To reinforce its commitment to cultural exchange and research, CityU launched the Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies (CCS) (see related story) on 12 October 2001, following the establishment of the Chinese Civilisation Centre in 1998.
"There is no need to emphasize the richness of the theme of China in the West," Professor Jonathan Spence, Sterling Professor of History at Yale University, began. "For the last 400 years, the West has been infused with images of China and the Chinese. No other country or culture has absorbed so much energy and so consistently in the Western world."

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