Crime prevention on world experts’ agenda

Scarlett Leung

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In commemoration of the Silver Jubilee of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and the 20th anniversary of the Department of Applied Social Studies, CityU organised an International Symposium on Preventing Offending and Reducing Re-offending on 15April.

Co-organised by the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department and The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong, the symposium provided a platform for local and overseas scholars and professionals to address issues from a criminological perspective and in

tegrate existing knowledge generated by scientific research.

"It is expected that the exchange of ideas will stimulate thinking on the role that the criminologist, policy maker, law enforcement personnel, and social worker should play in addressing crime prevention and offender rehabilitation in ensuring safety in modern cities,” said Professor Alex Kwan Yui-huen, Head of the Department of Applied Social Studies, in his opening remarks.

Topics discussed included preventing offending, offender rehabilitation and alternatives to prosecution and restorative practices. By building networks for future collaboration with overseas experts, the symposium aims to consolidate ideas conductive to the development of public policy, research and curriculum design.


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