Winling Practice Gym dedicated to alumnus

Shirley Lam

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CityU’s Practice Gymnasium 3 was officially named the Winling Practice Gymnasium on 28 October in appreciation of the staunch support and generous contributions that CityU alumnus Mr David Hui has given to the University over the years.


Mr David Hui, Deputy Chairman and CEO of Theme International Holdings Ltd, graduated from CityU’s School of Law with a master’s in Chinese and Comparative Law in 2001. Over the past few years, Mr Hui has given a great deal of support to the University: he is one of the University’s major donors; he takes part in many alumni activities; and he helps boost alumni support.


Mr Hui was the Chairman of the School of Law Alumni Association and continues to sponsor and support its development and activities. He was also a founding member, and is now an honorary member, of the CityU Alumni Giving Club. He has served as the Co-chairman of the Alumni Donations Committee since 2002.


When the Alumni Giving Club was established in 2003, he took the lead through donation and participation, exemplifying the spirit of ‘caring by giving’ and ‘caring by serving’, as advocated by the CityU alumni community.


Though Mr Hui studied part-time, he has built up a clear sense of belonging. “I still miss my days at CityU where I studied and chatted with fellow classmates,” he said. “I was deeply impressed by the dynamic environment, the energy and the level of responsiveness at CityU.”


Mr Hui said he hoped to contribute by bringing greater benefits to more students and inspiring a caring culture among alumni. “It is not the amount of money we donate that matters. What matters most is our care and support,” he said. Since the establishment of the Alumni Giving Club in 2003, CityU alumni have raised about HK$5 million. The amount may not be that large, but it had helped foster a caring culture and sense of belonging, he said.


At the plaque unveiling ceremony, officiated by Mr Hui and Professor H K Chang, University President, Professor Chang thanked Mr Hui for his generosity. “This is the first time CityU has named any of its facilities after an alumnus. Mr Hui’s support reaffirms the alumni’s sense of belonging,” he said.


“The average age and social impact of CityU’s alumni may not be as significant as that of alumni from universities with a longer history, but the level of care and support from our alumni is as firm, and their connections with their alma mater are growing stronger. Alumni support is long term, and I believe Mr Hui’s kindness will inspire more alumni to join in and support the University," he said.


Mr Hui’s donation will be used to support the University’s development and whole-person development activities, for instance, in contributing to the Sports

Development Fund.


Winling Practice Gym was named after the Winling Basketball Team established by Mr and Mrs Hui in 1980. The mission of Winling team is to help young basketball players develop a positive attitude to life and realize the importance of team spirit through sport.


Following the naming ceremony, the Winling team and CityU teams played a friendly match. Mr William Chan, a friend of Mr Hui, and Professor Chang presided over the start of play.



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