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Michelle Leung


CityUniversity of Hong Kong is introducing the Staff Giving Club, a distinctive and sustained platform for staff to make regular donations to support the University’s long-term development under the catchphrase “1% donation, 100% care”.


This new initiative follows the overwhelming support that staff and students gave to the “Turn One to Five” fundraising campaign last year, with an amazing HK$12.2 million raised. These encouraging results demonstrated the power of unity and the caring culture of the CityU community.


The Club encourages staff to donate a small portion of their income to the University on a regular basis. They can specify the designation of their donations and will allow the University to pursue excellence in academic research and promote whole person development for students. In addition, early donations will have DOUBLE the VALUE for the University as they will count, on a first-come-first-served basis, under the current Government Matching Grant Scheme. 


Professor H K Chang, President, said all internal and external fundraising programmes supported the long-term development of the University. “Every cent donated by our staff represents their care and commitment. Whatever the amount, every little bit helps the University continue to provide and maintain quality education, whole person development and a caring culture,” he said.


The Staff Giving Club is coordinated by the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DAO) Director Ms Kathy Chan said that the smooth launch of the Club depended on the concerted efforts of various departments. “I would like to thank some 20 staff members from different departments who have volunteered as Staff Giving Club ambassadors to promote this programme to their colleagues. The Office of the Chief Information Officer, Finance Office and Enterprise Solutions Unit also made valuable contribution to the overall system planning and implementation. This fully reflects that colleagues share the same vision in nurturing a caring culture in the University,” Ms Chan said.



Ms May Kan, the ambassador from the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management, said any amount of donation would help. “Since I’m part of the CityU community, I want to help the University continue to grow. I hope more staff will get involved and we can raise more money,” she said.



Mr Mak Hoi-wah, Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Social Studies, was among the first batch of volunteers promoting the “Turn One to Five” fundraising campaign last year. He has also become an ambassador for the Club. “Being a citizen of the CityU community,” he said, “I feel glad to contribute towards its healthy development, especially in promoting the whole person development of our students. Hence, I hope colleagues can support and contribute to the Club in ways they find comfortable.”



Ms Kit Chow, the ambassador from the Human Resources Office, said many of her colleagues supported the University’s fundraising drive. ”When I mentioned the new Club, they all willingly joined up,” she said.  The Office was awarded the “Best Participation” in the “Turn One to Five” fundraising campaign last year.  


There are three types of membership for the Staff Giving Club: Seed Membership, Leaf Membership and Tree Membership. A special souvenir will be given on entry to each membership level. Donors will be acknowledged while those with substantial contributions will be invited to become an “Honorary Member”. To encourage participation, four awards will be presented annually, namely “Top Departmental Staff Donation”, “Highest Average Departmental Staff Donation”, “Best Participation” and “Outstanding Staff Giving Club Ambassador”.


For details of the programme and how to make a donation, please visit http://www.cityu.edu.hk/dao/sgc.


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