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Fanny Ho

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Students at CityU’s School of Creative Media (SCM) are already well-known for their creativity and strong cultural awareness.  Now the public has the chance to see just how inspirational their work can be. SCM graduating students have formed an organizing committee to host Medialogue: 7.05cm, a show featuring the original works of over 60 graduating students from the school’s Master of Fine Arts in Media Design and Technology, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Media and Associate of Arts in Media Technology programmes.  The public is welcome to visit the exhibition, which runs from 8 to 17 July on campus.


Medialogue: 7.05cm is a golden opportunity for SCM students to demonstrate their technical skills and originality and to establish closer ties with the community.  The theme of the show is “YOU ARE HERE”, indicating the milestone reached by SCM’s graduating students.  It is the start of something new, fresh and exciting and it is happening right now.


The Opening Ceremony of Medialogue: 7.05cm was held on 8 July.  Officiating guests included Mr Tobias Berger, Executive Director and Curator of Para/Site Art Space; Ms Tammy Cheung Hung, director of the documentary Rice Distribution; Mr Lee Kung-lok, director of the independent film Fu BoDr Steve Fore, Associate Professor of CityU’s School of Creative Media and Ms Cho Hei-man, Project Manager of the Medialogue: 7.05cm Organization Committee.


Ms Cho said the graduation show witnessed the growth and evolution of the students from the School of Creative Media.  “I would like to thank Dean Professor James Moy, who has shown his trust and support throughout the whole process.  Special thanks also go to our teacher, Mr Andes Cheung Kam-ming.  He is always ready to help us when we need advice,” she said.


Visitors to Medialogue: 7.05cm will be enveloped in the maze of creativity woven by contemporary and upcoming media, from photography, multiple-angle projections and interactive mixed-media installations to automated digital artworks. Exhibition highlights include “Face Hack”, a multi-media interactive installation by Eric Siu, who was awarded an Honorable Mention at the 11th International Media Art Biennale WRO, and the video installation, “Softness of Senses”, created by Carrie Chow Yik.  Eric’s work brings participants to the world of cinema through role-play games while Carrie’s work explores the possibilities of video projection through demonstrations of chemical tests.


Through a series of screenings (to be followed by discussions), exhibitions and seminars, the students will also have the chance to communicate directly with the audience about their ideas and thoughts on their works.  


More information about Medialogue:7.05cm is available at the website:  Secondary schools and community groups are welcome to join the “Educational Tour”.   The graduation show will also be on display from 23 July to 1 August at the Sun Arcade at Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.


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