CityU raises a record amount for tsunami-affected children

Grace Ho

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CityU raised HK$392,660 for UNICEF, between 6 January and 7 February, to provide education kits for tsunami-affected children.  


The sum collected in the second round of donations (received from15 January to 7 February) came to HK$38,130. It will soon be transferred to UNICEF, adding to the HK$354,530 cheque presented on 24 January by Professor Y S Wong, Convenor of the CityU Support Group for South Asian Tsunami Victims, and Mr Douglas Wong, then Acting President of the Students’ Union. That amount resulted from the first round of donations, collected from 6 to 14 January.


This record grand total for a CityU-wide donation campaign to date is just one expression of the deep compassion felt by the CityU community for tsunami victims. Shortly after the tsuami took place in South Asia last December, CityU set up a Support Group with members from different departments and representatives from the Students' Union and Staff Association, and organzied a Univeristy-wide donation campaign. CityU also held a number of tsunami forums, and the Southeast Asia Research Centre plans to conduct research work on disaster management and the rebuilding of society in South Asia.


In order to continue providing care for tsunami-affected children, CityU’s Department of Applied Social Studies (SS) has initiated “Project Rebuild”, raising funds to help rebuild an orphanage in Aceh, Indonesia. The SS also plans to send staff members and students to take part in volunteer work there this summer.   


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