"Project Rebuild" to support tsunami victims

Grace Ho

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“We don’t want to forget the tsunami disaster and its devastating impact on people in South Asia after just one or two donation campaigns. We want to continue our care for the tsunami victims and decided to initiate a more long-lasting project to help the tsunami–affected children rebuild their lives,” Ms PeggyLeung said. Ms Leung, a postgraduate student in the Department of Applied Social Studies (SS), participated in the organizing committee of  “Project Rebuild” with about 20 faculty members, students and alumni, to help rebuild an orphanage in Aceh, the Indonesian city hardest hit by last December's tsunami.


In order to raise fund for “Project Rebuild”, SS organized a lunar new year gathering dinner at the City Chinese Restaurant, 4 February, during which there was an auction for paintings for charity. The 30 more paintings were donated by famous local painters from the Hong Kong Chinese Calligraphy and Arts Association, Greenfield Calligraphy and Painting Society of Hong Kong, and Shi Yi Fang. Over a hundred staff members, students, alumni and other guests showed up in support of the meaningful Project, and enjoyed a joyful evening.


The dinner gathering, together with other fundraising activities held earlier, has raised over HK$80,000 for the Project. TThis summer, SS also plans to arrange for faculty and students to go to Aceh to take part in volunteer work there.


“Natural disasters are heartless, but human beings are warm-hearted. To help the tsunami victims rebuild their lives requires a long-term effort. Through ‘Project Rebuild’, we hope to be able to raise the awareness of more Hong Kong citizens and continue to provide care for the bereaved children,” SS Department Head Professor S H Ng remarked. The Project aims to raise a total of HK$500,000 to rebuild the Aceh orphanage. “I am happy to see that young people born in Hong Kong are strong-willed and kind. I believe the biblical miracle of “Five loaves and two fishes” will come true in our society,” Professor Ng said.


CityU staff and students continue to demonstrate their deep compassion for the tsunami victims. In a record CityU-wide donation campaign, over HK$350,000 was collected for UNICEF. Furthermore, earlier this month, the CityU Staff Association held a sale of Down Jackets to raise funds. Apart from fundraising events, the University has organized a number of tsunami forums, and CityU’s Southeast Asia Research Centre plans to conduct research work on disaster management and the rebuilding of society in South Asia.   


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