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The Chinese Civilisation Centre (CCIV) launches a new service called the “PDA Information Platform” starting in Semester B in 2005. By using a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) to download the CCIV’s Chinese Civilisation Course teaching and research information, students are able to manage their learning progress and to keep track of the latest seminar schedules. The “PDA Information Platform” is an essential tool for web-based teaching. Its design embodies the latest information technology.  CityU is among the first to launch this Platform as an integration of modern technology and traditional culture, facilitating the learning of Chinese culture.  


The Inauguration Ceremony of the “PDA Information Platform” was officiated by Mr Zhang Baoqing, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Education, PRC, this week. During his visit to the CCIV on 18 January, Mr Zhang commended the Centre on its application of IST (Integrated System of Web-based and Conventional Teaching) for teaching Chinese culture and civilisation. 


All Bachelor’s degree students at CityU are required to take the Chinese Civilisation Course.  The Course comprises four major components: web-based teaching, small group tutorials, lectures on Chinese art and civilization, and field work investigation. Web-based teaching accounts for 40 per cent of the course contents. The Chinese Civilisation Course, which is vibrant and diversified in its teaching mode, is well received by students. They concur that the Course not only enriches their knowledge of Chinese culture and society, but also benefits their daily lives. 


The CCIV has a specially designed website with plentiful resources to facilitate web-based teaching. Students are encouraged to utilize the website to acquire course-related information to plan their study in a systematic manner. The “PDA Information Platform” is open to all CityU students as well as members of the public. 




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