Academic Programmer

Global Research Enrichment and Technopreneurship (GREAT)

JUPAS Catalogue No.: JS1200

Programme Leader: Dr LAM Yun Wah

Programme Aims and Objectives

GREAT is a new 4-Year undergraduate option starting from the 2021 entry*. It aims to nurture students who are interested in pursuing a career in scientific research or starting business ventures that involve the use of new scientific discoveries and innovative technologies. Students will be admitted to the College of Science and study a tailored common first-year curriculum. After one year of study, students will have a free choice of GREAT streams offered by the Departments of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

1. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (GREAT stream)
2. Bachelor of Science in Computing Mathematics (GREAT stream)
3. Bachelor of Science in Physics (GREAT stream)

Key Components

  • Independent research commencing as early as in Year 2
  • Mentorship by world renowned researchers e.g. Nobel laureates, Academicians of National Science Academies, Fellows of Science Societies and world renowned scholars
  • Special courses on entrepreneurship & IP rights protection, patent application and research proposal / business plan development
  • At least one semester of overseas academic/research exchange
  • At least one summer placement in local research laboratories or technological startup companies
  • At least one summer internship in overseas research institutes or technological startup companies. 

The GREAT programme is also supported by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI), through providing mentorship and internship opportunities for the students. More information about the collaboration with FHKI can be viewed from the press release:  

GREAT students who are eager to start their entrepreneurship journey are highly encouraged to sign up for HK Tech 300, a large-scale flagship innovation and entrepreneurship programme organised by CityU. Upon successful enrolment, all eligible participants will be sponsored for an 8-week training programme to learn how to kick start their entrepreneurial journey from scratch, develop a business plan and deliver a pitch. Seed funds, angel funds, and external funds (up to HK$100,000, HK$1 million and HK$10 million, respectively) will also be made available to potential start-ups. Click here for more details.

*The 2021 entry only accepts new year one students admitted through JUPAS.