Message from the Dean

Welcome to CityUHK College of Science.

The College of Science is committed to providing students and faculty with an environment that supports their scientific exploration and innovation in Biostatistics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. Our faculty is a community of dedicated scholars and researchers who expand the boundaries of our knowledge and imagination. At the College, we give the best educational opportunities to our students, arouse their ambition, and help them materialize their goals. We take pride in nurturing the next generation of innovative talents who would make a positive impact on society, and for society.

Building on the success of our previous strategic plan and our Departments’ extraordinary efforts, we would invest College resources to advance research and learning activities that address some of the grand challenges in the years to come. Student academic and career success remain at the heart of our mission. At the same time, we would actively inject new impetus to grow the College through the recruitment and advancement of outstanding faculty members.

The College’s commitment to teaching, research, and community services reaches beyond the campus. We foster scientific and technical interactions through applications of our research. To capitalize on the collective strength and advance the knowledge of science, our Departments would maintain, and continue to develop, strong research collaborations with the industry. In addition, the College earnestly works to promote science education and cultivate the student’s interest in science through various outreach activities. We believe this would infuse science aspirations in the young minds, thus planting a seed for great discoveries and innovations in the future.

Science is everywhere. I look forward to connecting with you all to share our expertise and exchange our experience.

Professor Xin Wang
Dean of College of Science