Outstanding Knowledge Transfer Award (KTA)

The College of Science (CSCI) forges close ties with industry, business and the wider public for knowledge transfer and the betterment of society. The College Outstanding Knowledge Transfer Award (CSCI-KTA) is established to recognise and reward faculty members for excellence in knowledge transfer. Through this award, faculty members are encouraged to engage more in knowledge transfer projects, to develop impact cases and to share with each other their innovative projects/activities for generation of more new innovative ideas.


There will be a maximum of two awards each year. An award of HK$30,000 (to be designated by the recipient for staff development, lab consumables or equipment) will be given in appreciation of the awardee’s outstanding achievement in knowledge transfer. Awardees will be invited to share their achievements in College events and publications.


Individual Award

  1. All full-time CSCI academic faculty with a minimum of two years’ full-time service at CSCI at the time of the nomination deadline are eligible.
  2. All nominees are not recipients of CSCI-KTA in the last two years.

Team Award

  1. The award recognises up to five team members including the team leader.
  2. A team leader, who is a full-time academic faculty with home department within CSCI, should be designated for each team. S/he should have a minimum of two years’ accumulated full-time service at CSCI at the time of the nomination deadline.
  3. All other team members should be full-time academic staff members (excluding visiting staff) at the University with a majority of members from CSCI.

Selection Criteria

All nominees will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated track records as evident in the quality of patent awards.
  • Evidence of successful application and/or commercialisation of the research outputs leading to innovative, profitable/economic/social improvements in the society.
  • Evidence of the quality of individual research underpinning the impact cases.
  • Relevance, impact and significance of the research which has enabled, enriched, influenced, informed or changed the products, services, performance, practice, policies or understanding of commerce, industry or other organisations, governments, communities or individuals.

Selection Process

A Selection Panel (Panel) will be formed with members appointed by the Dean. The composition of the Panel will include senior faculty members from the College, recipients of University Outstanding Research Award, and other members of the University that the Dean considers appropriate. The Panel will review all nominations based on the submissions and the recognised achievements of the candidates. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their achievements to the Panel. The decision of the Panel is final.

Nomination Procedures


  • Eligible faculty members may nominate themselves for the award by submitting a completed Nomination Form to the College of Science within the nomination period. The required supporting documents should reach the College Office before the stipulated deadline.
  • Respective Heads of Departments may be invited to comment on the nominations.

Faculty Nomination

  • Heads of Departments and all faculty members of the College will be invited to make no more than one nomination.
  • Nominators should seek prior consent from the nominees before submitting the completed Nomination Form to the College of Science within the nomination period.
  • The College Office will invite nominees to submit the required supporting documents before the stipulated deadline.

Submission of Documents

Submissions should consist of a summary description (maximum 5 pages) of the work of the researcher describing the research undertaken and its significance and contribution to society. Examples can be drawn from, but not limited to, academic and applicable research projects, contract research projects or consultancies. The document should provide evidence of the quality and potential of the research, grants, prizes and patents obtained. For problem-focused research work, the impact of the research outputs on the techno-economic development in Hong Kong and the region should be elaborated.


  1. Nominations should be sent to the College of Science (by email: csci.office@cityu.edu.hk) on or before 23 February 2024 (Friday).  All required supporting documents should reach the College Office by 15 March 2024 (Friday).
  2. Interview by Selection Panel will be conducted in April 2024.
  3. Result of the CSCI-KTA will be announced in May 2024.
Awardee(s) of 2022-23
Dr. Alex WONG
Dr. Alex WONG
Department of Chemistry


Awardee(s) of 2021-22
Dr. Vincent Ko
Dr. Vincent KO
Department of Chemistry