Outbound Exchange Programmes

To enrich students’ global perspective, students are encouraged to join the Student Exchange Programme. More than 400 partner institutions at Departmental, College or Institutional level are offering student exchange places for our students.

Student Exchange Programme 2024/25 (Second Round)

Application Period: 12 Aug - 1 Sept 2024

Result Announcement: From 11 Sept 2024 onwards

Exchange Period: Semester B of 2024/25


Minimum Requirements for Application for Student Exchange Programme:

Study Programme Full-time student of a government-funded bachelor's degree programme offered by CSCI
Year of Study

Nominative 4-year students: Must have completed at least ONE year of study at CityUHK and have major declared before applying for exchange programme.

Advanced standing students: Must have completed at least ONE year of study at CityUHK before undertaking exchange studies.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) At least 2.5
English Language Proficiency

Achieved one of the following Minimum requirements:

  • TOEFL: 79 (internet-based test) or 550 (paper-based test)
  • IELTS: Overall band of 6.5
  • Public Examinations:
    • Grade C or above in one of the following:
      • HKALE Use of English / English Literature
      • GCEAL English Literature (or Grade B at GCSE English Language)
    • Level 4 or above in HKDSE English Language
  • English courses approved by Senate: Grade C or above
  • Any other equivalent English proficiency result, including a minimum of 1650 SATI or International Baccalaureate Diploma with an overall minimum score of 28.

If the English language requirements prescribed by the host institution are higher than the above, you must follow such requirements for admission purpose.

Students MUST fufil the English requirement before application. Only students apply for programmes which are conducted in Chinese in Taiwan and mainland China can be exempted from the English requirement.

Remark: Some partner universities/institutions require applicants to submit their TOEFL / IELTS score reports together with their applications for admission. You are therefore strongly advised to prepare your TOEFL / IELTS test as early as possible.

How to apply?

  1. Identify up to 8 exchange institutions (4 at Institutional level, 2 at College level and 2 Departmental level) from the list of partner institutions that fit your study plan and interests.
  2. Consult your Programme Leader or Departmental Exchange Coordinator about the suitability of the proposed exchange study and procedures relating to your application. The discussion should include your tentative course plan and credit transfer arrangements.
  3. Submit your Student Exchange Application and proof of English result through AIMS (under "Student Services") by the application deadline.
  4. Nomination will be made by your Department based on your preferences, CGPA and English proficiency.

Remark: The partner institutions, however, reserve the final decision on the admission of exchange students.

Application Period

Normally, there are two rounds of applications each academic year. However, no second round of applications will be organised if all exchange places have been allocated to eligible students in the first round. Interested students are therefore advised to apply for exchange studies as early as possible.

First Round Second Round
  • Application Period: Dec - Jan
  • Exchange Period: Semester A or Semester B of the following academic year
  • Application Period: Aug - Sep
  • Exchange Period: Semester B of the current academic year

Admission to Host Institution

Successful candidates will receive a conditional offer of Student Exchange Programme from the University.

Students will be required to pay a Caution Money of HK$1,000 when they accept the exchange offer from the University. Students will receive a reimbursement of the Caution Money if and when they have completed the exchange programme with satisfaction, and submitted all the required documents to the University upon completion of the exchange programme. Should student fail to meet any of the above stated requirements or decide to withdraw from the programme after accepting the offer, even before or after departure, the Caution Money will be forfeited. For details, please check the website of Global Engagement Office.

The application for admission to the host institution shall be made via the University in the form of a nomination. The University reserves the right to withdraw the conditional offer if a student fails to fulfil the Programme requirements, which include but not limited to English language requirements. Students should note that the final result of application for Student Exchange Programme is subject to your fulfilment of all Programme requirements set by both home and host institutions.


Host universities shall waive the tuition fees for exchange students. Students just need to pay the normal tuition and other study-related fees to CityUHK during the exchange period. Exchange students are also responsible for financing their travel, accommodation, living expenses, visa, insurance, books, etc.

Financial Support

Eligible students can receive funding from the University to support their exchange programme.

From the University

  • Student Exchange Fund
  • Special Fund for Non-local Outbound Exchange Students
  • Joseph Lau Student Exchange Awards
  • Subsidies Offered by the Education Bureau
  • University Scholarships

To obtain the funding, participants in the Student Exchange Programme (SEP) must fulfill the requirements of SEP, which include but not limited to the followings:

  • meeting the English language requirements set by home and host universities, whenever applicable, on or before the application deadline set by the host university; and
  • successfully completing the approved exchange study programme by passing at least 12 CityUHK credit units per semester (or equivalent, i.e. 20 ECTS) and the requirements stipulated by the host university.

CityUHK reserves the right to withdraw full or partial the sponsorship if students fail to fulfill the funding conditions and criteria set by the University.

For details, please check the Global Engagement Office's website : Global Engagement Office's website