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Undergraduate Programmes

CSCI welcomes applicants from all over the world, and students are admitted through the following routes. Admissions information is available on the website of the Admissions Office.

Local Applicants

  • JUPAS admissions
  • Direct / Non-JUPAS admissions
  • Senior-year admissions

Non-Local Applicants

  • International admissions
  • Mainland admissions

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 理學士(化學)

Programme Leader: Professor Kenneth LO

Programme Aims and Objectives

This major provides students with a firm foundation in chemical sciences with a focus in analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. Students are also offered a wide range of elective courses such as biochemistry, computational chemistry, food chemistry, industrial chemistry, green chemistry, materials chemistry, and medicinal chemistry. The major puts strong emphasis on discovery-enriched curriculum, outside-classroom activities, and independent learning. Thus, students have the opportunity to undertake a directed study, project, local and non-local internship and exchange program. The major is designed to train and produce graduates who are able to pursue a developing career in local and regional industrial, commercial, government, education, and research sectors.

Bachelor of Science in Computing Mathematics 理學士(計算數學)

Programme Leader: Dr Lester LIU

Programme Aims and Objectives

The Department of Mathematics offers the Bachelor of Science in Computing Mathematics degree, which aims at equipping students and producing graduates with a strong background in data analysis, mathematical modelling, scientific computing and technical computer software. Graduates will make contributions to finance and industry in the growing technology fields in Hong Kong such as biotechnology, data analysis, environmental science, information technology and intelligent business. The title of “Computing Mathematics” has been chosen as the major will focus on applied areas of mathematics linked to computing and computation.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics 理學士(應用物理學)

Programme Leader: Professor K S CHAN

Programme Aims and Objectives

The Applied Physics major is not an ordinary Physics major. In Applied Physics, students are taught biomedical physics, renewable energy and quantum physics, paving their way to a diversified career path including medicine and health care, education, engineering, commercial and industrial sectors, nuclear radiation facilities or postgraduate study.

Students may take part in the department-based research attachment scheme, which provides them an early exposure to discovery and innovation. Students of the Applied Physics major who meet certain requirements can apply for admission to the Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program between City University of Hong Kong and Columbia University in USA. Students admitted to the Joint Degree Program spend their third and fourth years at Columbia University in USA, and earn a BSc degree from CityU and a BA degree from Columbia University at the end of their study.