Master's Programmes


Master of Science in Biostatistics 理學碩士(生物統計學)


Programme Aims and Objectives

The MSc in Biostatistics programme aims to train the next generation of biostatisticians through an innovative curriculum and equip them with the necessary analytical, leadership and communication skills to meet the challenges of a data-intense era. It will help foster the development of novel statistical theory and the application of state-of-the-art data analytical solutions for problems in public health, veterinary epidemiology and the biomedical sciences.

Comprehensive training in the principles and applications of statistics in biological science and public health will be provided. Students are trained in Biostatistics using One Health approach to enhance their knowledge, abilities and professional capabilities to solve the interdisciplinary health problems posed by emerging medical and public health issues.

Graduates can pursue careers, for example, in biomedical and public health studies in government, biotechnology companies and national/international research institutions. The programme also provides the necessary academic preparation for those who wish to pursue PhD-level training in biostatistics at a later date.

Master of Science in Chemistry 理學碩士(化學)


Programme Aims and Objectives

The MSc in Chemistry programme aims to train and produce graduates with highly marketable research skills and experiences in a wide variety of advanced chemistry disciplines, such as catalysis; synthetic chemistry; materials & biomaterials chemistry; analytical & bio-analytical science; computational chemistry; environmental chemistry and chemical biology, to meet local, regional and global demands for R&D specialists in the industrial, commercial, and government sectors. Graduates are also eligible for pursuing higher research degrees in local and overseas universities and research institutes.

Master of Science in Financial Mathematics and Statistics 理學碩士(金融數學與統計)

Master of Science in Financial Mathematics and Statistics

Programme Aims and Objectives

The MSc in Financial Mathematics and Statistics programme aims to produce analytical graduates with business awareness and solid background in financial engineering and risk management, and to equip students with relevant theoretical knowledge as well as statistical and computational skills in a global business context. Graduates will be equipped with mathematical skills, contemporary finance theory and information technology knowledge, and be ready for a professional career in finance or statistical industries.

Master of Science in Applied Physics 理學碩士(應用物理學)

Master of Science in Applied Physics

Programme Aims and Objectives

This programme provides post-graduate level training in applied physics with highly marketable professional skills in the sub-fields of Bio-medical Physics, Energy Materials Physics and General Advanced Physics. In addition to an advanced physics education, the graduates will gain knowledge of physical principles and how these principles can be applied to practical problems in specific related professions.

The training and knowledge provided are suitable for employment as medical technical specialists as well as engineers/researchers in electronic and renewable energy industries in Hong Kong, China and other Asian countries. Graduates of this programme will have the flexibility to seek employment in the industry as well as pursuing Ph.D. studies in a broad range of related fields (e.g. Physics, Materials Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering).