Beware of Phishing Email

You may have experience in receiving email that looks like being sent from the "support", "service", " admin", "network/email/web administrator "... etc. of the University, and you were asked to provide your account password by either replying to the email, or clicking a link in the email to access a web page and filling in your password there. Examples of phishing email are enclosed below for your reference.

Please note that our administrators or support staff have NEVER asked and will NEVER ask users to provide password via email . Therefore, these kinds of email in fact were fraudulent or phishing email (also called email scams). They were NOT originated from the University central email system at all, and the sender address (e.g. is usually an INVALID email address.

You are advised to DELETE such email (or email in similar style) immediately when it is received. DON'T reply to the email or click on any link contained in the message. Please refer to the FAQ on "What is phishing email and how to avoid it?" for more details.

If unfortunately you have already responded to this kind of email, please change your password immediately. Password change option is available within the University Portal and in the Email Service home page.

Examples of fraudulent (phishing) email as below (in reverse chronological order):

    Phishing Email Subject
  1. "Beware of Phishing Email"
  2. "Follow-up now immediately"
  3. "Password Expired"
  4. "Central Voicemail Notification"
  5. "尊敬的客戶"
  6. "03 May, 2020"
  7. "Secure Your E-mail"
  8. "Dear Staff"
  9. Quick Assistance Required
  10. 對您的PayPal帳戶採取措施
  11. Recent Order
  12. Message from “RNP002673A64AA7
  13. CityU Announcement Portal
  14. FW: Dear Staff
  15. CityU Announcement
  16. Cityu Service Update on 26 February, 2019 ID:
  17. ATTN, Member
  18. Dear Member
  19. This account has been hacked! Change your password right now!
  20. Your mailbox is almost full
  21. Validate Your Email Account ....To Avoid closed down
  22. Did you receive ?
  23. New Mail
  24. Delivery Failure
  25. Libray Services
  26. Your 13.86% Salary Raise
  27. [CSC] University Mailbox Quota Exceeded!
  28. Microsoft account terminations
  29. CCE29032016_000
  30. Account Update and IT HELPDESK
  31. Urgent Email Verification From CityU Admin
  32. RE: IT Routine System
  33. CityU Portal Access
  34. 警報
  35. Our system detected an error in your account
  36. {} Upgrade to avoid shuting down
  37. RE: Helpdesk" or “RE: Mail To You
  38. RE: Faculty And Staff Email Confirmation
  39. Phishing Email come with Zipped file Attached
  40. RE: Service Desk (Email Alert!)"
  41. HK Security Desk 2015
  42. Alert
  43. Alert
  44. Quota Limit
  45. RE: Faculty/Staff E-mail System
  46. [Notification] System Maintenance
  47. New Message
  48. Your Webmail Account is on Restriction
  49. Do not ignore this message
  50. Funds Payment!!
  51. Your email account ( will be shut down
  52. Your Mailbox
  53. !!!Administrative Notice Faculty/Staff/Student/Employee/Admin Warning!!!
  54. 3 Working Days To Terminate Your Mail Account
  55. HTK4S detected
  57. Important - New Outlook Settings
  58. Important Message From Admin
  59. An important Message from Blackboard Learn
  60. re
  61. Notification Mail
  62. Do not ignore this message
  63. Urgent Course Form3
  64. Blackboard Learn : Staffs/Students Access Blocked
  65. HTK4S detected
  66. CityU Email Upgrade/Final Warning
  67. 电子邮件警报
  68. Important Message!!!
  69. Do not ignore this message
  70. Your mailbox
  71. INFO
  72. Your mailbox is under automatic deactivation
  73. Email Box Exceeded Its Maximum Limit
  74. (nil)
  75. Do not ignore this message
  76. News update
  77. Permanent TSB Online Banking - 3rd attempt failed !
  78. Scan from a Xerox WorkCentre
  79. Encrypted Message from AMEX
  80. Confidential - to ALL Employees
  81. Ref: 03/243/IT2012
  82. Important Webmail Upgrade
  83. Admin: UPGRADE
  84. RE: Microsoft webmail users system alert: Attention ! !
  85. Update Your Account
  86. Urgent
  87. System Administrator Mailbox Upgrade
  88. Your AT&T bill is ready to be viewed
  89. Email Alert
  90. Urgent!!! Update Your E-mail Service Account
  91. Message From I.T Helpdesk Expert
  92. confirm your webmail identify
  93. Do not ignore this message
  94. New Secure Message Regarding CityU WebMail
  95. Account Alert Confirmation
  96. DGTFX virus alert!!!
  97. Account Validation‏
  99. Account Validation
  100. 亲爱的用户
  101. Dear User,
  102. 警告!
  103. Webmail Upgrade In Progress
  104. Mailbox Quota Exceeded
  105. Mailbox Quota Limit Exceeded
  106. Helpdesk Upgrade: Do This Now
  107. Message From Helpdesk
  108. Helpdesk Upgrade
  109. 6000MB
  110. Webmail Account Verification!
  111. Helpdesk Upgrade: Do This Now
  112. 您好用户
  113. 升级帐户
  114. System Administrators
  115. Message From Helpdesk
  116. Mailbox quota limit exceeded
  117. Your mailbox has exceeded one or more size limits :do this now
  118. You have exceeded
  119. Quota Limit Exceeded
  120. Your mailbox has exceeded one or more size limits do this now!
  121. Account Verification Access.
  122. Systems Administrator (webmail Office)
  123. Your mailbox has exceeded one or more size limits : do this now
  124. Your mailbox has exceeded one or more size limits!
  125. Your Email Alert!
  126. You have exceeded
  127. Cityu University Webmaster-Team
  128. Dear City University of Hong Kong Webmail Subscriber
  129. dear email user
  130. Confirm your e-mail address for Windows Live ID
  131. Please confirm your message
  132. City University Of Hong Kong Department
  133. Notice/Warning
  134. setting for your mailbox are changed
  135. account notification
  136. account notification
  137. Dear CITYU User
  139. A new settings file for the has just Be released
  140. Upgrading Team ©2010
  141. Important Announcement
  142. A new settings file for the
  143. delivery failed
  144. Attention - Mail system upgrade
  145. Dear users City University of Hong Kong web
  146. Notice!
  147. Important: Email Account Verification Update ! ! !
  148. Maintenance Notice
  149. mailbox has exceeded the storage limit
  150. Dear City University Webmail Account User,
  151. Account Update


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