How to access my M365 account using Microsoft Outlook 2019 with Exchange Account Type? (for advanced users)

  1. Please quit the Outlook if you are using it.
  2. Click "Mail" option in the "Control Panel".


  3. Click "Show Profiles..."

    Mail Setup

  4. Highlight your profile and click "Properties"

  5. 5. Click "E-mail Accounts..."


  6. Click "New..."

    Mail Setup

  7. Select "E-mail Account" radio option.
    "Your Name:" The name will be shown when recipients get your e-mail.
    "E-mail Address:" Your M365 email address. (e.g.
    "Password:" and "Retype Password:" The password is used to this e-mail account.
  8. Click "Next".

    Add New Account

  9. Click "Finish" to close.

    Auto Account Setup


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