How to set up M365 Exchange Online account in Microsoft Outlook?

  1. Please quit the Outlook if you are using it.
  2. Click Mail option in the Control Panel.


  3. Click Show Profiles...

    Mail Setup

  4. Highlight your profile.
  5. Click Properties


  6. Click E-mail Accounts...

    Mail Setup

  7. In the E-mail tab, Click New.

    Account Settings

  8. Select E-mail Account radio option.
  9. Click Next.

    Add New Account

  10. Your Name: Your name. (e.g. Tom Chan)
  11. E-mail Address: Your M365 e-mail address. (e.g. or
  12. Password: and Retype Password: The password used for this e-mail account.
  13. Click Next.

    Auto Account Setup

  14. Outlook will start searching the server setting. Wait until the "Windows Security" (Username/Password) prompt is popped up. Change the Username to format as shown below. Enter the same password as before, then click OK.
    (Note: You will need to enter this Username every time when starting Outlook.)


  15. Click Finish and close


You are advised to include your M365 Exchange Online account in the Send/Receive Groups in Microsoft Outlook. Please visit "How to ensure all Exchange Accounts have been included in the Send/Receive Groups in Microsoft Outlook?" for the details.


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