How to Change Name (Display Name) in Microsoft 365 Email?

The Name (Display Name) used in Microsoft 365 (M365) Email for a staff user initially is set to the same as the Preferred Name of a staff’s choice as recorded in the Human Resources database, which is used for communications on administrative matters.

For email and social networking purposes, users can now personalize their "Name" based on one's Preferred Name using the function "Change Display Name"  provided in the CityU Email Services home page. The chosen Name will be displayed, as a user identity, in M365 Email and CityUWiki (or any Microsoft products if applicable), or after user logging on to the campus network through Staff LAN, Student LAN, Wireless LAN, or Virtual Private Network. Please note that this "Name" will not be displayed when a staff is neither using the foregoing software, nor logging on to the campus network.

The function "Change Display Name" is provided as an option under "Management for Staff Email Account on Microsoft 365 Exchange Online" in "Account Management for Staff Email Services" after clicking "Account Management" in the Email Services home page


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