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Frequently Asked Questions for Freshmen
Home > FAQ

Wi-Fi/ Network

How can I use the university wireless network?

What can I do if I encounter any technical issues when connecting to the above Wi-Fi?

Are there any cloud drive services provided for me?

There are OneDrive services available with your student email, and a Google drive with your student Gmail Account. Access the university email service via now.

Can I use any Microsoft Office software for free?

We support your academic use by offering Microsoft 365 Apps for Students to all our regular full-time and part-time students, including access to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, and Skype for Business.

For setting up Microsoft 365 Apps for Students and installing the latest versions of Microsoft Office software, a step-by-step guide can be found at:

Visit for more details.

Tuition fees

How to check my tuition and accommodation fees?

You can check your tuition and accommodation fees at
AIMS > Student Record > My Finance > Account Summary

How to settle my charges?

See for details or contact the Finance Office at 34426337

When do I need to pay tuition fees?

If you are studying on a government-funded bachelor's degree, the tuition fee is divided into two installments. You have to settle the tuition fees in Semester A and Semester B. For details on payment arrangements, visit

What can I do if I have financial difficulties paying my tuition fee, academic and living expenses?

You may consider applying for the financial assistance schemes, namely the Government Grants and Loans, provided by the Student Finance Office (SFO), under the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (WFSFAA).

Supplementing the Government Financial Assistance Scheme, CityU Financial Assistance Scheme also offers bursaries and/or interest-free loans to assist students who face financial hardship. Each year, different rounds of applications may be invited, subject to the availability of bursary / loan fund. You are encouraged to make prior appointment to meet officers of Student Finance Team at SDS for financial advice.

You may refer to the details for the Financial Assistance Schemes at

Locations/ Facilities

I am confused with the abbreviations of academic buildings, what does it mean?

You may find different short forms of academic buildings around the campus, but no worries! Here’s an easy guide for you:

How can I find the exact location with the room number?

For Yeung Kin Man Academic Building (AC1), there are five zones: Red, yellow, green, blue, purple. All lecture theatres (LT1-LT18) can be found on 4th floor

Here’s a tip for finding your room in AC1:

For venues in Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building (AC2) or Lau Ming Wai Academic Building (AC3), they follow the structure of:

AC2/ AC3 - (floor)-(room number)

Are there lockers for me to store my belongings?

Yes, lockers are available for application at the start of Semester A every academic year.

Read more:

Are there any study rooms available for me to book?

You can find Group Study Rooms on 5/F of Yeung Kin Man Academic Building (AC1). Make your advance bookings via the Group Study Room Booking System . For more details on booking guidelines and room details, you may read:

If you want a quiet, private and secluded place to study, you can opt for the Study Carrels in Run Run Shaw Library. Lockable single/double Study Carrels are available for loan to different categories of eligible users on an hourly basis. Advance bookings can be made via the Library Facilities Booking System . For more details on booking guidelines and room details, you may read more on:

Printing Services

Where can I print and scan my documents on campus?

Printing and scanning facilities are available on different locations of campus. You may read more on:

MTR Student Travel Scheme

How can I apply for the MTR Student Travel Scheme in the new academic year?

Starting 2021/22 (1 September 2021), the application of the MTR Student Travel Scheme has been digitalized. Submit your applications (New Application and Renewal Application) online, via either the MTR Mobile Application or the MTR Website. You will have to complete the online application form and upload the soft copy of your valid CityU Student Identity Card. Bear in mind that printed application form will no longer be accepted by MTR.

For any updates, stay tuned to


What is the everyday CAP email about?

The CityU Announcement Portal (CAP) is our official e-announcement service for both staff and students. All announcements are collected in the CAP. You will receive a single e-mail digest consisting of a consolidated list of new postings at 5:00 p.m. daily.

Explore what's going on in CityU via CAP today:


What is sexual harassment?

Under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance (SDO), sexual harassment covers the sexual harassment of both men and women as well as persons of the same sex.

Sexual harassment may involve uninvited and unwelcome physical, visual, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature that makes the person being sexually harassed feel offended, humiliated or intimidated, or which creates a hostile or intimidating environment.

One single incident can constitute sexual harassment. It is not necessary for there to be a series of incidents.

You may refer to the Guidelines and online tutorial for Students and Staff and Policy and Procedures on the website of the Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH):

Guidelines for Students and Staff:

Online Tutorial:

Policy and Procedures:

I suspect I have fell victim to sexual harassment. What can I do?

You may lodge a complaint with the Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH) if you think that you have been sexually harassed or if you have witnessed any act of sexual harassment covered by the relevant policy. For more details, please

We also provide an anonymous reporting form for members in the community to report sexual harassment cases without disclosing their identity.

Anonymous reporting form (English):

Anonymous reporting form (Chinese):