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Frequently Asked Questions for Freshmen
Home > FAQ
Co-curricular Activities

Career Support, Internships and Job Opportunities on Campus

Where can I get support for my future career?

Our Career Coaching Team from Career and Leadership Centre (CLC) is here to support your career development. Visit CLC for various career support, for example, CV Advisory, Interview Training, Workshops, and one-on-one Career Consultation here:

Are there any job opportunities on campus?

Yes! We offer abundant part-time job opportunities for you on campus. Find your job here:
AIMS > Student Services > Student Helper and Campus Engagement Scheme > Job Search

The hourly rate is HK$52 (as of 1st January 2022). For regular term assignments, you may work up to a maximum of 17 hours per week. For summer term assignments, you may work up to a maximum of 44 hours per week for a period of not more than 3 months. You can work for multiple job positions at the same time but remember not to overload yourself and take on more than three jobs on campus!

Students are encouraged to participate in the Campus Internship Scheme (CIS) to gain work-based learning experience in education setting provided by various academic and administrative units of the University.

On top of it, join our Campus Internship Scheme (CIS) to gain work-based learning experience in the education setting provided by our academic and administrative units. Check out the CIS Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about eligibility and application matters.

Where can I find an internship?

Career Leadership Centre (CLC) regularly sends emails to invite you to join different recruitment talks and will nominate you to different firms for internships.

Your college also offers diversified local and overseas internship programs for you to broaden your horizon and be competitive in the workplace. Pay attention to the college email and seize your opportunity!

If you are a full-time student studying one of the STEM programmes funded by the University Grants Committee ("UGC"), don’t miss the STEM Internship Scheme launched by the Innovation and Technology Commission. You can gain innovation and technology-related work experience during your studies and get ready for your career in I&T after graduation. Stay tuned to college emails and departmental job platforms for STEM job openings. For further details, please refer to the Scheme Guidelines .

Don’t forget to check CityU JobPlus and follow CLC’s Instagram @cityuclc to look for more internships and part-time jobs opportunities. Internship experiences provide you opportunities to gain valuable on-the-job training and work exposure for your future career development.

Access to CityU JobPlus:
Student > Log-in to AIMS > Student Services Menu > JobPlus Vacancies

You are also encouraged to join the Incentive Programme for Self-solicited Internships and report the participated self-solicited internships upon completion of these internships. You will receive a subsidy of HK$500 for each reported internship endorsed by Academic Unit. Contact the internship coordinator of your College/School/Department for further details of the Programme.

Are there any internship opportunities offered by Student Development Services that can fulfill the requirement of 0-credit internship courses offered by School/College?

Student Development Services (SDS) offers the Community Service Internship (CSI) and Sports Management Internship (SMI) for you:

SDS Community Service Internship (CSI)

SDS Sports Management Internship (SMI)


What entrance scholarships are offered to me?

Entrance Scholarship and Outstanding Athletes Scholarship are available for our local and non-local freshmen. Upon successful admission, we will identify students with outstanding academic and/or non-academic achievement for the entrance scholarships. So you do not have to submit applications separately.

Check out more information on scholarships here: