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Frequently Asked Questions for Freshmen
Home > FAQ
Academic Matters

Course Registration and Requirements

How can I register for my courses?

Check your designated time slots via
AIMS > Course registration > Main Menu > Registration Status and Time Ticket

In the meantime, browse the masterclass schedule to find your desired courses. Remember to also take into account tutorial sessions so that you can build your perfect schedule!

Check out the important dates for your registration on ARRO's website, such as the release of student pre-registration schedule and the available date of web registration time-tickets:

Learn more about web registration on ARRO's website:

How do I find out what courses I should take?

Check what courses you should take via
AIMS > Study Plan > DegreeWorks

DegreeWorks helps you learn easily what courses you still need to take to fulfill the requirements of your College/School, Gateway Education (GE), major, minor, etc. It also provides features that help you plan your studies and communicate with your advisors. Plan ahead and get ahead with DegreeWorks!

For more details, please refer to ARRO's website:

What are the minimum and maximum credits required per semester?

You need to take at least 12 credits or a maximum of 18 credits per semester. However, you can apply through AIMS to adjust your study load with justifications if necessary.

Refer to "Study Load" on ARRO's website for more details:

After I have declared a minor, can I drop it later?

Find out the key dates and points to note when adding/dropping minors:

What are the requirements for registering GE courses?

You have to fulfil a total of 30 credits which can be divided into three parts.

Important reminder:
For registering Part 2 GE courses from Area 1-3, you can only register one course on the first GE course registration day (second timeslot). If you have to register two or more, the remaining ones have to be registered on the third timeslot during the course registration period.

Find out the requirements of your College or School:

What can I do when I have successfully enrolled in my courses?

The first week is a grace period for all course add/drop. You can still apply for the courses you want and drop the ones that don't fit but remember to always read the course syllabus/outline for more information about the course. Pay attention to the submission dates and course weighting to find the most suitable course for you!

Where can I get my course materials?

To get your course materials:

  1. Log in Canvas here:
  2. Select ‘Dashboard’ / ‘Courses’ on the navigation bar to view all registered courses
  3. Click on the respective course title
  4. Find your course materials by clicking on ‘Files’ / ‘Modules’ on the left column

Pay attention to the instructions given by the lecturer in class as they have their own practices in uploading course materials.

Where can I find my timetable?

View your academic weekly schedule via
AIMS > Course registration > Main Menu for Web Add/Drop > Weekly schedule

The timetable provides you with the information including the time, day, course code and venue of all your courses at a glance!

Academic Transcript and Testimonial

Where can I apply for Academic Transcript and Testimonial?

Submit your application for Academic Transcript or Testimonial via AIMS or in-person. If you choose the latter, you can go to the Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO), 5/F Fong Yun Wah Building.

Communication in Virtual Learning

How can I find group project mates while learning virtually at university?

Don’t be shy! Take the initiative to approach your classmates by sending invitations to them in Zoom chatroom or leaving messages on the ‘Discussion’ page on Canvas.

How can I make it easier to meet friends in virtual learning?

Turn on your camera, respond proactively and ask questions to let other students know more about you.