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Frequently Asked Questions for Freshmen
Home > FAQ
Student Residence

General Enquiries

Where can I find information on hall application?

Fill up your university life by living at our Student Residence. We are more than a home for you, but also a miniature with 3,700 student residents from over 50 countries.

Visit the website of Student Residence Office (SRO) for application details at

Are we guaranteed to live in the Student Residence for four years?

As there are limited hall places, student residents need to go through the returning scheme every residential year, which is a scoring system that determines whether you have a hall place next residential year. Of which your personal achievement, GPA, contribution to the hall, participation in hall activities, etc., would be scored. The higher score you get, the higher chance you can have a hall place for the next residential year.

How many residential halls are in the Student Residence? Can I choose to live in any one of them?

There are 10 undergraduate residential halls in the Student Residence. You can indicate your hall preferences after settling the confirmation fee. Still, it is not guaranteed that you will be assigned to your desired hall.

Can I choose my roommate?

Of course, you can indicate your roommate preferences after settling the confirmation fee.

Can I enter Student Residence area if I am not living in there?

Generally, non-residents are not allowed to enter the Student Residence area. But special arrangement will be made for students who need to access the Creative Media Centre.


How many people share a toilet/ bathroom in the hall?

Four residents will share a toilet/bathroom for a standard double room.

Can I cook in the Student Residence?

There is a common room on each floor where you can cook, with basic cooking equipment like pans and induction cookers.

Is laundry service provided in the Student Residence?

There is a laundry room in every residential hall where you can do your laundry and dry your clothes.

Daily life

Who should I contact if I need assistance in the Student Residence?

You can approach the Residence Master and Residence Tutors of your hall for assistance.