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Frequently Asked Questions for Freshmen
Home > FAQ
Extracurricular Activities

Outside Class Activities

Where can I browse and register out-of-class activities organized by CityU?

Central Repository on Student Development Activities (CRESDA) helps you to find out about, enroll in and record your participation in student development activities.

With CRESDA, you can:
1. Search and register for activities that you are interested in;
2. Check your activity registration
3. Monitor your soft skills development.

Take a look at
AIMS > Student Services > Central Repository on Student Development Activities (CRESDA) today!

Can I join CityU Sports Team?

Welcome to join our Sports Team and represent CityU in intervarsity competitions! We now have over 400 athletes in 18 sports events. Check out details on Sports Teams Recruitment on:

Visit AIMS to apply to your desired Sports Team!

Are there any sports and recreation facilities on campus?

Yes, we have both indoor and outdoor sports facilities on campus, including physical fitness room located at 4/F, Purple Zone of Yeung Kin Man Academic Building and Table Tennis Room located at G/F of Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building.

For outdoor sports facilities, you may use the on-campus Swimming Pool, outdoor basketball court located opposite the student residence halls. The off-campus Joint Sports Centre at Renfrew Road, Kowloon Tong (jointly owned by CityU, HKBU and PolyU) also provides a variety of quality outdoor sports facilities.

You can make your bookings here: Sports Facilities Booking & Information System (SFBI)

Remember to check the latest Anti-Pandemic arrangements before you go:

Counselling Service

I am so stressed by schoolwork and deadlines! Can anyone help?

We care for you!
If you need a shoulder to cry on...

You can share with your trusted one, or reach out our professional counsellors from SDS for a talk! Mental health is health and it deserves our nourishment, love and care.

We are always here to listen and support you:


Where can I find a six-month to one-year overseas exchange program?

Looking for a life-changing experience? Apply for the Student Exchange Programme (SEP) to study at our partner institutions all around the world at
AIMS > Student Services > Outbound Student Exchange Application

or learn more on GEO’S website:

Is there any short-term overseas exchange plan for me?

Universities, colleges, and departments have their own summer exchange programs, which may last a month or two. Pay attention to emails and posters around the campus for the announcements!