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Department of Electronic Engineering

The Department offers research degree studies in a wide range of research areas which include:


(1) Applied Electromagnetics: antenna theory and design; millimetre-wave devices and circuits; terahertz science and technology; computational electromagnetics; and electromagnetic compatibility;


(2) Optoelectronics, Electronics, Nanotechnology and Biosystems: fiber and integrated optics; plasmonics/metasurfaces; semiconductor lasers; nanophotonics; nanomaterials; nanofabrication; micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS); biomedical sensors and microsystems; neural implants and prosthesis; holography; power electronics; smart grids; electronic product reliability; and computational neurosciences;


(3) Wireless Communications: wireless communications; wireless sensor networks; information theory; coding theory and techniques; signal processing theory and methods; visible light communications; and data storage systems;


(4) Networking: optical networks; wireless networks; computer networks; neural networks; queueing theory; performance evaluation; and network security and cryptography;


(5) Computer Engineering and Control Systems:  intelligent and networked control; complex networks; artificial intelligence; machine learning; nonlinear circuits and systems; signal processing; pattern recognition; biomedical imaging; computer graphics and vision; cloud computing; computer architecture; embedded systems; and evolutionary computing.

Research Degree Coordinator

Research Degree Coordinator

Dr. Joshua LEE