Overview of cultures and characteristics of eight countries and regions in Asian video festival

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Themed “Over View”, the festival will present unique culture and natural scenery of eight countries and regions, such as the hardship of living suffered by females in Egypt and young people in Mali, as well as spectacular scenery seen in Australia, Europe and the US.
The video of “Over View” has been shown in Egypt, the Netherlands and the US. When the four-hour-long video is shown in Hong Kong in May, audiences can witness the unique cultures of the Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Egypt, Hong Kong, Mali, the Netherlands and the US, and appreciate the professional excellence of the artists.
The video is composed of many short pieces of non-traditional story-telling works that depict only an action, an object or some rules. To better understand the video art, audiences need to actively find ways to understand the works, study cultural topics from different places, and appreciate the unique images created by different colours and compositions.
The “Over View” video festival was initiated by Joyce Pennekamp and Sarah Bijlsma, two artists from the Netherlands. They contacted eight organisers in the above countries and regions for selecting short videos to produce a work of about 30 minutes in length that could present their local culture and unique features. The eight organisers in turn invited a total of 45 young artists in their respective countries and regions to provide their latest video works. Finally, the short works were combined into a four-hour long “Over View” video.
The “Over View” video will be screened two times a day from 5 to 10 May, with the first show at 11:00am and the second at 3:00pm.
Details of the event:
Date:   5 to 10 May 2015 (Tuesday to Sunday)
Time:    11am to 7pm
Venue:  CMC Gallery, 3/F, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, CityU, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon
Media enquiries:
Ms Chow Yik, School of Creative Media
(Tel: 6253 1855, Email: hongkongexperimental@gmail.com)


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