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The Selection Committee of the University of Toronto's Alexander Lectures chose Zhang Longxi, Director of CityU's Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies, to deliver the Lectures under the theme "Textual Encounters/Cultural Encounters".
Over 300 students, alumni and professors participated in CityU's Joint EMB Annual and MSc (Banking / Finance / Financial Engineering) Spring Dinner on 23 February with the famous banker Mr Peter Wong Tung-shun.
Lively dialectics about "Corruption, Good Governance and the Rule of Law" were manifested on 18 February in the School of Law Conference Room at City University of Hong Kong.
CityU's advanced know-how and technologies are making an impact on the socio-economic development on Hong Kong and the region. Two CityU subsidiary companies, CityU Enterprises Ltd and CityU Professional Services Ltd reported robust growth in 2004 at their joint annual dinner, on 2 February.
Ms Joan Ho Pui-yee and Mr Peter Ha Cao-thang, PhD students in the Department of Physics and Materials Science, have won the "Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Awards".
A Seminar entitled "Fifteen Years after Public Sector Reform: Hong Kong's Public Management in Perspective" was held at CityU, 5 February, provoking thoughtful discussion on public sector reforms among the speakers and the audience of 160 participants from the Civil Service, private sector, and academia.
On 3 February, Ms Margaret Ng, a Member of Hong Kong's Legislative Council, lectured on "Just Law: Do Laws in Hong Kong Necessarily Promote Justice?", as part of the SLW's Eminent Speakers Lecture Series.
Over 120 people from the community gathered at CityU, 30-31 January 2005, for a public forum organized by the Southeast Asia Research Centre, to learn about Aceh's social issues arising from the tsunami in December.

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