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New study: Goats more ‘cognitively flexible’ than sheep
Goats can adapt to changing environmental conditions more quickly than sheep probably because of different feeding ecologies, according to a new study involving Dr Alan McElligott, an expert in animal behaviour and welfare at CityU.
Trawl ban boosts marine biodiversity
The prohibition of trawling activities in the Hong Kong marine environment for two and a half years has significantly improved biodiversity, an inter-university study led by CityU has found.
CityU-led collaborative research worth of HK$19m rewarded for Covid-19 projects
Funding worth HK$19 million has been secured for four highly competitive collaborative research projects into Covid-19 led by scholars at CityU.
	Renowned experts advocate nuclear safety and clean energy for net-zero carbon emissions
Thirty eight world-leading scholars, industry leaders and policy makers from around the world debated recent advances in low-carbon energy technology and nuclear safety in a specially convened online Forum on clean energy and nuclear safety on 10 March.
Advanced bioaerosol project to eliminate Covid-19 and other pathogens secures HK$6.15m from Research Impact Fund
A bioaerosols research project aimed at developing innovative and effective methods for detecting and disinfecting bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 in indoor environments led by CityU has secured HK$ 6.15 million from the Research Impact Fund.
Legal expert Professor Hugh Collins delivered the latest installment in the CityU Distinguished Lecture Series on 28 March with a talk titled “Private Law and Fundamental Rights”.
Professor Jean Salençon, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study at CityU, delivered a lecture titled “Equilibrium and Forces: from Aristotle to Lagrange” on 22 March.
Professor David Weitz, Director of the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at Harvard University, delivered the latest installment in the CityU Distinguished Lecture Series on 21 March.
Dr Stan Shih, the co-founder of Acer Group, discussed the concept of reverse thinking and shared his way of success with teachers, students and alumni at CityU on 17 and 18 February.
A renowned science scholar Professor Evelyn L. Hu delivered the latest installment of the CityU Distinguished Lecture Series on 16 March.

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