Warm welcome for non-local students

Michael Gibb

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Welcome non-local students

Hundreds of non-local students joining City University of Hong Kong (CityU) for the new academic year were warmly greeted by President Way Kuo during several recent online meetings.

One of the central messages in the President’s online addresses was that students should never be deceived by "winning at the starting line". Instead they should do their best in all aspects of life every day right from the start of their CityU careers.

“I also encourage you to meet new friends and make active use of CityU-Learning in your studies,” he suggested. 

Through the platform CityU-Learning, CityU was the first institution in Hong Kong, and possibly in the world, to offer comprehensive, real-time, online learning following the closing of campus due to Covid-19, the President explained.

In addition, with many of the non-local students preparing for their move from their home countries and regions to their new lives at CityU, President Kuo offered advice on settling into life in Hong Kong, shared his views on how studying at CityU encourages the integration of teaching and research, and discussed how students are assisted in long-term career plans.

Senior CityU students were on hand to dispense advice, too, offering tips based on their own experiences, while virtual tours offered glimpses into life in the student residence.


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