Stimulating new ideas in the fields of genomes, cells and mathematics

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IAS workshop
Professor Indika Rajapakse (left) and Professor Stephen Smale


Organised by the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), the IAS Extended Workshop on Genomes, Cells and Mathematics ran in the month of July at City University of Hong Kong (CityU), featuring 18 world-renowned speakers with interdisciplinary research expertise in the fields of mathematics, computer science, cell biology, the human proteome and human genetics.

IAS workshop
Various speakers exchanged views and continued the discussion after the lectures.


The Extended Workshop was led by Professor Stephen Smale, IAS Senior Fellow and Fields Medalist and Wolf Prize Recipient, in collaboration with Professor Indika Rajapakse, from the University of Michigan in the US. This year’s workshop rode on the success of the five-day Workshop on Gene Dynamics and Chromosomes organised in 2016, and continued to provide a platform for international experts to exchange views on genome-wide sequencing studies and further our understanding of gene functions, diseases and chromosomal interactions.

Ten workshops aroused interest across the academic community, attracting nearly 400 participants. The latest trends and developments in this research field were addressed in 18 lectures, on topics such as the Human Proteome Project, Computational and Bioinformatic Innovations in Proteogenomics, and Genome and Transcriptome Dynamics in Cancer Development.



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