King Duck cheers on students during exams

Cathy Lau


A giant yellow duck will be sending out positive vibes over the next two weeks from its temporary home in the campus pool to all students at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) preparing for their exams.

King Duck was initiated by Student Development Services (SDS) at CityU. The name King Duck sounds similar to the pronunciation of “can talk” in Cantonese, reminding students they can talk to people if they feel stressed at this time of year.

The launch of the three-metre-tall exam mascot on 1 December was attended by Professor Horace Ip Ho-shing, Vice-President (Student Affairs), Dr Raymond Chan Kwok-hong, Dean of Students, Dr Wong Chi-tim, Director of SDS, Ms Elizabeth Cheung Yee-mei, Associate Director of SDS (Counselling), and SDS counsellors.

“Do your best in the exams, but if you feel like you’re under a lot of pressure, please talk to your friends or seek help from the school counsellors,” Professor Ip told students at the launch.

To further reach out to students, the SDS counselling team will distribute thousands of little rubber ducklings at the library, residential halls and academic buildings. Students can squeeze the malleable toys for stress relief.

King Duck and the rubber ducklings are part of an SDS initiative called “CityU Cares For You”. Now in its second year, the initiative encourages students to face up to stress and emotional issues positively. Last year the apple-shaped stress balls that SDS distributed were hugely popular.

Students can contact the counselling team at or 3442 8478 if they want to talk.


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