President promotes enhanced cooperation at a regional seminar

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Professor Way Kuo, President of City University of Hong Kong (CityU), spoke at a regional forum on 23 September.
President Kuo shared his insights alongside experts, scholars and executives of local public bodies at the forum, which was titled “Strategic Thinking from a Hong Kong-Macau Perspective”. 
The aim of the gathering was to present government officials in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau with material and ideas that could be turned into strategies and submitted to the National Development & Reform Commission. It was hoped that their input would help gain more advantages under the 13th Five-Year Plan through co-operation in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau.
Professor Kuo spoke at the seminar’s 2nd session, which was titled “Trade, Technology, Tourism and Social Livelihood.”
Enhanced co-operation in teaching and research between Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen can break new ground in complementary strengths and technology innovations, he said. As past experience in other countries had shown, he added, co-operation in teaching and research was a prerequisite to innovation advancement.
A modern university, he pointed out, had to take increasing levels of responsibility for stimulating social development and promoting social progress, and be more closely related to economic development, while at the same time carrying out more research projects, exploring new knowledge and fostering innovation.
If the government could offer systematic instruction when formulating policies, encourage cross-discipline co-operation, and bring the industry, teaching and research together, these measures could spearhead sustainable innovation in science and technology.
The seminar was organised by the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC, Shenzhen) Hong Kong and Macau Members Association, and co-organised by One Country Two Systems Research Institute.
The distinguished guests who spoke at the opening session were Mr Dai Beifang, Chairman of CPPCC Shenzhen; Mr Raymond Tam Chi-yuen, Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, HKSAR; Ms Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of Macau Government Tourist Office; and Dr Fang Zhou, a member of CPPCC Shenzhen.
The participants discussed major topics concerning developments in the three cities, including infrastructure planning, technology, trade, economics and finance, and ways to enhance complementary strengths, promote more cooperation and achieve a win-win situation.
Mr Xu Qin, Mayor of Shenzhen, delivered a concluding speech at the end of the forum.


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