Three CityU joint research projects awarded $3m in grants

Christina Wu


Three joint research projects of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) have received close to HK$3 million in grants under the National Natural Science Foundation of China/Research Grants Council Joint Research Scheme, demonstrating CityU’s excellence in research.
One of the projects, titled “Design and Optimizing Laser-Based 3D Printing of Metallic Glass: A Systemic Study of Joining and Crystallization Mechanisms of Amorphous Structures under Laser Irradiation”, conducted by Dr Yang Yong, Associate Professor from the Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at CityU, and Professor Wang Weihua, a researcher from the Institute of Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been funded HK$1,037,275.
Metallic glass (MG) has been attracting tremendous research interest recently because of its unique combination of structural/functional properties, such as superb strength, high elastic limit, excellent thermoplastic formability, superior biocompatibility, for example.
The use of the 3D printing technique has tackled some “roadblocks” hindering the applications of MG, such as the limitation of the obtainable size of bulk metallic glass and the room-temperature brittleness. The two researchers will further research into the design of a MG alloy and the issues related to the small-sized MG powder for 3D printing.
The other project, awarded HK$1,025,650, was initiated by Professor Zhou Dingxuan, Chair Professor of the Department of Mathematics at CityU, and Professor Wu Zongmin from the School of Mathematical Sciences at Fudan University. Their research topic is “Approximation Analysis of Information Theoretic Learning and Ranking Type Learning Problems”. They will develop rigorous mathematical analysis for some problems in learning frameworks called “Information Theoretic Learning” and “Ranking Type Learning”.
Professor Li Wen-jung
, Chair Professor from the Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at CityU, and Professor Wang Yuechao from the Shenyang Institute of Automation, were funded HK$852,950 for a project titled “Programmable and Integrated Fabrication of Nano-material Devices by Optically-Induced Force Field”, from which an optically induced electrokinetics-based integrated fabrication method for nano-material devices will be developed to overcome limitations such as low efficiency, limited selectivity and complexity.


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