Stronger ties between CityU, Fudan University

Mirror Fung

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A memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and the prestigious Shanghai Fudan University on 9 September will foster academic exchanges and collaboration.
In addition to academics and researchers working together on research projects and other academic exchange activities, the two universities will share academic and cultural resources.
Professor Way Kuo, CityU President, and CityU representatives attended the signing ceremony in Shanghai.
Members of CityU’s delegation included Professor Zang Xiaowei, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; Professor Li Hsiao-ti, Head of the Department of Chinese and History and Director of the Chinese Civilisation Centre; and Dr David Cheng Xing, Associate Vice-President (Mainland and External Affairs).
Professor Yang Yuliang, President of Fudan University, Professor Lin Shangli, Vice-President of Fudan University and a dozen representatives of colleges and departments from Fudan University met the delegation from CityU.
A collaboration agreement was also signed between CityU’s Chinese Civilisation Centre and Fudan University’s Shanghai Sharing Centre for Academic and Cultural Innovation for comprehensive collaboration on research, sharing academic video materials, co-publishing, and organising symposiums.
Fudan University will provide related research projects with financial support while CityU will render support for the sharing of academic video resources.
A seminar held after the signing ceremony explored how the two universities could fully utilise their strengths in respective academic disciplines, enhance academic and cultural collaboration in the areas of the humanities and social sciences, and promote academic and cultural exchanges between Shanghai and Hong Kong in the Age of Big Data.
t is hope that, with the joint efforts of academic powers in China and overseas, a comprehensive history of academic development in Shanghai and China over the past century can be shown through the means of digital technology and multi-media tools.  
In his talk entitled “Nuclear Energy, Smog, You” given after the signing ceremony, Professor Kuo analysed different types of energies and discussed which ones are safe and beneficial to society, what is a reasonable energy combination, and what factors should be considered for an energy policy.




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